Mangsen, Cindy: Cat Tales

Cindy Mangsen: Cat Tales
Title: Cat Tales
Artist: Mangsen, Cindy
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 793447731629
Genre: Folk

Cindy Mangsen is a well-known folk artist, known for her warm alto voice and her inventive instrumental work on guitar, concertina, and banjo. She has made several solo recordings, as well as duet CDs with her husband (Steve Gillette) and trio recordings with Priscilla Herdman and Anne Hills. 'Cat Tales' is a labor of love, which began when Cindy heard the true story of Rudy, a Pennsylvania cat who stuck his head into a garbage disposal and lived to tell the tale. She turned the details of his amazing story into an epic ballad. The other songs on the album feature cats both actual and imagined, and explore the wonderful, mysterious, and aggravating drama of human/feline interaction. The album features original songs as well as material written by Cheryl Wheeler, Nancy White, Buddy Mondlock, Robin Flower & Libby McLaren, Les Barker, Erica Wheeler, Grant Livingston, and Lou & Peter Berryman. One happy listener responded: I found the music so VERY enjoyable...How grand, an entire CD of cat music!

1.1 Meow
1.2 Open That Can
1.3 Cats of the Coliseum
1.4 Rudy's Big Adventure
1.5 The Familiar
1.6 Our Cats
1.7 Guide Cats for the Blind
1.8 My Pretty Kitty
1.9 Le Chat Gris
1.10 The Dog of Time

Mangsen, Cindy: Cat Tales


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