Kulju, Dave: Notes in the Margin

Dave Kulju: Notes in the Margin
Title: Notes in the Margin
Label: CD Baby

Geoff Feakes, Dutch Progressive Rock Pages (DPRP Recommended) 'Once again I feel Dave Kulju has produced an instantly accessible album that satisfies both the head and the heart. And whilst it builds on the solid foundations of his previous work it demonstrates that as a musician he is not standing still and in the true spirit of progressive rock is prepared to explore different horizons. It also benefits from his wonderfully spacious production, adding that extra Polish that music of this quality richly deserves.' Jon Neudorf, Sea of Tranquility (4 stars out of 5) 'This is the first I have heard of Kulju and listening to Notes in the Margin was a pleasant surprise indeed...While Kulju can play at a faster pace he chooses a more refined approach with languid lead lines that drip with emotion. His guitar rhythms and dynamic lead work give these compositions plenty of texture adding layers to an already rich sound... Kulju has made an excellent sophomore effort with Notes in the Margin... I can see this one getting plenty of more spins in the days and months to come.' merlinprog.com (rough translation from Norwegian) 'The album has almost no dead spots and it is a very solid craftsmanship in all aspects. A great focus on balancing elements and dynamics mean that the interest of the listener is always maintained, with room for great solos. We sincerely hope that the prog audience enters Kulju's often pleasant but never indifferent musical universe, and not ignore a great artist who has plenty of talent and songwriting abilities.' **************** Produced and Engineered by Dave Kulju Dave Kulju Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Guitar Synthesizer, Sound FX, and Programming Frank Basile Drum Kit Annie Oya Vocals on A Poet's Talespin Ian Cameron Electric and Acoustic Violins on Know Again Lyrics for A Poet's Talespin were adapted from the poems Three Part Tale Spin and I Write by Amanda Joy with generous permission from the artist. Recorded and Mixed April 2009-June 2010 at Electrum Studios North as well as the studios of various musicians. All songs by Kulju.

1.1 Skating on Europa
1.2 Know Again
1.3 A Poet's Talespin Part I: Half-Slept Moments
1.4 A Poet's Talespin Part II: Soft Collisions
1.5 A Poet's Talespin Part III: The Bridge
1.6 A Poet's Talespin Part IV: I Write
1.7 A Poet's Talespin Part V: In the Shadows
1.8 Get the Hell Off My Lawn
1.9 Counted the Stars

Kulju, Dave: Notes in the Margin

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