Dave Matthews: Listener Supported

Dave Matthews Band: Listener Supported
Title: Listener Supported
Label: RCA

Listner Supported captures all of the fire & electricity of Dave Matthews Band performances, bringing the same intensity and musicianship to CD that over 1 million fans experienced live. Featuring some of the band's biggest hits, including never before released live versions of songs from Before These Crowded Streets.

1.1 Intro
1.2 Pantala Naga Pampa
1.3 Rapunzel
1.4 Rhyme ; Reason
1.5 The Stone
1.6 #41
1.7 Crash Into Me
1.8 Jimi Thing
1.9 #36
1.10 Warehouse
2.1 Too Much
2.2 True Reflections
2.3 Two Step
2.4 Granny
2.5 Stay (Wasting Time)
2.6 #40
2.7 Long Black Veil
2.8 Don't Drink the Water
2.9 Intro to
2.10 All Along the Watchtower

Dave Matthews: Listener Supported


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