Propis, David Cantor: Inspirations-Memories of Home

David Propis Cantor: Inspirations-Memories of Home
Title: Inspirations-Memories of Home
Artist: Propis, David Cantor
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 700261204970
Genre: International

Cantor David Propis sings 'Memories of Home,' the Holocaust Museum of Houston's tribute to survivors. Eighteen classic songs of the old country that recall the communities and people now too quickly being forgotten.

1.1 VI Ahin Zol Ich Gayn (Tell Mewhere Can I Go)
1.2 Vos Iz Gevor'n Fun Mayn Shtetele (What Has Happened to My Town?)
1.3 Vilna
1.4 Rozhinkes Mit Mandlen/In Slobotke Yeshive (Raisons and Almonds)
1.5 Belz
1.6 Moyshele, Mayn Fraynd (Littlemoses, My Friend)
1.7 Moyshelach, Shloymelach
1.8 Ani Ma'amin (I Believe)
1.9 A Yiddishe Mame
1.10 My Zaide
1.11 Papirosn
1.12 Yankele
1.13 Unter Daine Vaise Shtern (Under Your White Stars)
1.14 Oyfn Pripetchik
1.15 Eili, Eili
1.16 Halichah L'kesariah/Eili, Eili
1.17 Zog Nit Kein Mol/Partisan Hymn
1.18 Shehecheyanu (Blessing of Thanksgiving)

Propis, David Cantor: Inspirations-Memories of Home


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