Db9d9: Something to Cry About

Db9D9: Something to Cry About
Title: Something to Cry About
Artist: Db9d9
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 829757399829
Genre: Electronic

Is there any real value in looking back at what we haven't done or chose not to do? For many it can be a source of depression and regret. For the group, Db9d9 it is a useful part of the healing process. Under the guidance and direction of Eric Recourt, Db9d9's latest release, Something To Cry About, provides an insight into the inner struggle we go through on a daily basis and throughout our lifetime. In featured songs such as, Maybe, Eric addresses this very issue. A challenge to confront the choices you made at those times in your life and realize those were the best decisions for you at those times. This time of review and acceptance can also be valuable in recognizing the self destructive things that we do to ourselves. Whether it is physically or mentally, we become our own worst enemy. We critize ourselves too harshly for our own decisions and actions that we are in control of and can easily change if we want to. Something To Cry About, provides you with an interesting view of your world. One from a unique perspective that few people ever stop to realize on their own. The world from inside of you.

1.1 Maybe
1.2 Something to Cry About
1.3 Flesh
1.4 Ntoxic8
1.5 Hostile
1.6 Devoid
1.7 Meat
1.8 Simulator
1.9 Night Vision
1.10 Le Mans

Db9d9: Something to Cry About


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