Death: Leprosy (30 Year Anniversary)

Death: Leprosy (30 Year Anniversary)
Artist: Death
Title: Leprosy (30 Year Anniversary)
Product Type: VINYL LP

DEATH: LEPROSY 2 X LP 30 YEAR ANNIVERSARY EDITION - Deluxe limited edition On 2 X Pearl (Milky Clear) Colored Vinyl. One time pressing of DEATH's legendary second album, featuring expanded packaging and a bonus LP featuring 10 "Leprosy" rehearsal recordings! Leprosy is the second studio album by American death metal band Death, released on August 12, 1988, by Combat Records. The cover is featured in Metal: A Headbanger's Journey. It is the first album to feature drummer Bill Andrews and the only one to feature guitarist Rick Rozz.

1.1 Side A: Leprosy
1.2 Born Dead
1.3 Forgotton Past
1.4 Left to Die
2.1 Side B: Pull the Plug
2.2 Open Casket
2.3 Primitive Ways
2.4 Choke on It
3.1 Side C: Leprosy - 9/23/87 Rehearsal - Open Casket
3.2 Choke on It
3.3 Left to Die
3.4 Left to Die - Take 2
3.5 Leprosy - 12/05/87 Rehearsals Left to Die
4.1 Side D: Open Casket
4.2 Pull the Plug
4.3 Choke on It
4.4 Born Dead
4.5 Forgotten Past

Death: Leprosy (30 Year Anniversary)

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