Kaur, Dev Suroop: Chants Eternal

Dev Suroop Kaur: Chants Eternal
Title: Chants Eternal
Artist: Kaur, Dev Suroop
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 724007900223
Genre: New Age

'A Master's Request' Is a gem that not only includes the beautiful and healing musical tribute to Yogi Bhajan, but also includes two chants for yoga and meditation. During the autumn of 1999, in one of Yogi Bhajan's meditation classes in Española New Mexico, he requested that 'A Master's Request' be written. He requested that it include the verse 'Don't cry for me children of Sikh Dharma', and that it be written in the past tense as if he had already passed. Importantly, he wanted the song to be uplifting and celebrate his life, not mourn his death. When the new song was played for him, his words were, 'It's perfect, don't change a thing.' It is with humility and immense gratitude to the life of the Siri Singh Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji (Yogi Bhajan) that we present this song and soothing mantras. Sat Siree, Siree Akaal, Siree Akaal, Maahaa Akaal, Maahaa Akaal, Sat Naam, Akaal Moort, Wha-hay Guroo. Translation: Great Truth, Respected Undying, Respected Undying, Great beyond Death, Great beyond Death, Truth Identified, Deathless Image of God. Great Beyond Words is this Wisdom. Yogi Bhajan has called this the Mantra for the Aquarian Age. With it, we declare that we are timeless, deathless beings. Everything we do is from the timeless space of the soul. Guru Guru Wahe Guru (Guru Mantra of Guru Ram Das) Guroo Guroo Wha-hay Guroo Guroo Ram Das Guroo. Translation: Dispeller of Darkness. Infinite Wisdom. Wise is the one who serves Infinity. This is a mantra of humility, relaxation, self-healing, and emotional relief. It calls on the spirit of humility and grace of the realm of Guru Ram Das, with it's spiritual guiding light and protective grace. It reconnects the experience of infinity to the finite, and therefore rescues you in the midst of trial and danger. Yogi Bhajan called this his personal Mantra. Credits: 'A Master's Request' words and music: Dev Suroop Kaur Khalsa, Sangeet Kaur Khalsa and Ek Ong Kaar Kaur Khalsa Main vocals: Dev Suroop Kaur Khalsa Backup vocals: Theresa Coe Guitar & Keyboards: Ric Flauding Bass: Mike King Conga: Tony Redhouse Produced by Liv Singh Khalsa. About Dev Suroop An accomplished musician, recording artist, and teacher of Naad Yoga, Dev Suroop Kaur uses the art of sound to create an experience of deep transformation and healing. She leads chanting programs with musical accompaniment, and offers meditation instruction and teachings about living a spiritual life. Her focus is teaching courses about loving the experience of your voice, and using your voice as a meditative tool to transform and uplift. Dev Suroop Kaur specializes in training teachers of Kundalini Yoga in the science of Naad Yoga, conscious communication, and how to teach others to access the beauty and power of their personal voice. After much searching and longing for a deeply spiritual lifestyle, Dev Suroop Kaur discovered the practice of Kundalini Yoga in the autumn of 1983 and met her spiritual teacher, Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga, soon thereafter. Thus began a long and full journey of spiritual practice, study and development as a spiritual musician, teacher and executive. Dev Suroop Kaur has been a lifelong student of many forms of western music and has been blessed to participate in intensive studies of Indian Classical Music with Bhai Avtar Singh and Bhai Kultar Singh of New Delhi, India. She balances her life as an executive, wife of 22 years, musician, yoga teacher and Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher Trainer. She earned her MBA from the Claremont Graduate University and works in New Mexico as a corporate executive.

1.1 Master's Request
1.2 Sat Siri Siri Akal
1.3 Guru Guru Wahe Guru

Kaur, Dev Suroop: Chants Eternal


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