Garret, Doc: Closer to the Sun

Doc Garret: Closer to the Sun
Title: Closer to the Sun
Label: CD Baby

Word from Doc- How can I describe the sound of the Doc Garret Band in words alone? Each song is unique, yet familiar. Take blues roots, with southern rock guitar styling, add a pinch of reggae, metal, and inspirational ballads, and one can begin to conceptualize the variety of music that can be heard on this CD. A healthy dose of beauty with power. Screaming guitars combined with soulful vocals that rock with a message! Thought provoking lyrics that evoke the full spectrum of your emotions. Love, war, birth, death, anger and the awe of the universe are all a part of this heartfelt musical journey. Open your mind, become a part of the cosmic consciousness. Laugh, cry, party, get mad, make your ears smile. I'm very proud of this CD and hope these excellant tunes will fill every listener's heart with the joy that music can bring. Sincerely- 'Doc' Garret Alford.

1.1 Closer to the Sun
1.2 Zion
1.3 Lord I'm Feeling Blue
1.4 Kyle's Song
1.5 Lover's Never Part As Friends
1.6 No Matter How Hard I Try
1.7 Party Hardy
1.8 Nightmare
1.9 Little Man

Garret, Doc: Closer to the Sun

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