Grzanna, Don: Accordion Music

Don Grzanna: Accordion Music
Title: Accordion Music
Label: CD Baby

This CD is a collection of waltzes, polkas, latin and other styles of music in a near semi-classical style featuring the piano accordion. Music is available from the website for performers and teachers of music. Some of these compositions have been used as accordion solos in TV shows and some films. This CD has quality melodic sounds that you will enjoy listening to, and the technical sections involved does add to the performance. Many people have told us that they often enjoy listening to this album while they are in their car. This CD is a real treat. Don Grzanna is a well known performer in Milwaukee, Chicago, New York area, and all through Europe. He has a degree in accordion performance from the Rizzo School of music in Chicago, a music composition degree from the Rudolph Ganz Chicago Musical College at, Roosevelt University, and a Master's degree from Roosevelt University also. Sheet music is available from Don Grzanna.

1.1 Parisienne Waltz
1.2 Hop Skip Jump Polka
1.3 Capri Waltz
1.4 Darling Please Be Mine Polka
1.5 Romantic Waltz
1.6 You Are the Dream Polka
1.7 Spring Waltz
1.8 Maureen's Polka
1.9 Jones Island Waltz
1.10 Crystal Lake Waltz
1.11 Sherwood Lane Waltz
1.12 Latin Nights
1.13 Jambouree Polka
1.14 Southern Bird Dance
1.15 Alpine Villa Waltz
1.16 Havin' Fun
1.17 Bell Polka
1.18 Northern Chicken Dance

Grzanna, Don: Accordion Music

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