Michael, Doug & the Outer Darkness: Outpost

Doug Michael: Outpost
Title: Outpost
Label: CD Baby

Imagine Satriani/Vai and Holdsworth/Torn styled guitar rock combined with cool electronic beats and atmospherics and you get something like the music on Outpost... Oh man, this guitar feels good!.... - Jerry Kranitz, Aural Innovations Doug Michael fuses elements of fusion and space rock music on a musical canvas containing large splashes of space that allow his fluid guitar to express haunting emotions with a style that combines melody and texture into a unique whole. The music here is engaging even when it's forbidding you to follow. . . but follow you must. - Bryan Baker, Gajoob Magazine's DiY Report It's almost a genre to itself. Best played late night or early morning. - Brian Boyer, College Radio Music Review Doug's lead guitar will make you soar, reaching for the 'outerspace' that any true artist aspires to. - Rotcod Zzaj, Improvijazzation Nation.

1.1 Outpost
1.2 Deprivation
1.3 Jungle Baby
1.4 Cover Up
1.5 Muzzle
1.6 Ghoul
1.7 Scorpion

Michael, Doug & the Outer Darkness: Outpost

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