Dreyer Family Band: Family Photograph

Dreyer Family Band: Family Photograph
Title: Family Photograph
Label: CD Baby

Who Are We? We are the Dreyer family. Twin brothers, Matt and Craig, married Annie and Cami - their collective kids are Mac age 11, Emmett age 8, Silas age 2, Finley almost 2. What's this music all about? Our family experiences! This is homegrown in the extreme. Recorded in 11 days over 2 family vacations, this music was made for us and is just too good not to share. Recent Press about The Dreyer Family Band: Out with the Kids says: 'Again, I cannot express how truly surprised I am that an album containing such honest, straightforward love and joy ended up being so darn listenable and, well, joyous. There are no corny, sappy moments here--not a single one! Never before has an album bathed in such warmth been so darn cool. The Dreyer Family Band 'Family Photograph' is recommended for anyone who loves their kids and loves music. How's that for casting a big ol' net? Simply put, this record is great. Go and get it today!' Kids Music That Rocks says: 'Earthy, funny, sincere, silly, knowing and musically right on, the tunes on Family Photograph'll with find an audience with at least one and probably every member of your own family.'

1.1 Again!
1.2 Home
1.3 Loud House
1.4 Mad
1.5 Cutie Baby
1.6 The I Love You Song
1.7 Glitter
1.8 Boo-Hoo
1.9 You Get What You Get
1.10 Peace and Love
1.11 Totem Party
1.12 How to Be Happy
1.13 Imagination
1.14 Big Green Tree
1.15 Covers
1.16 Photograph
1.17 Family Photograph

Dreyer Family Band: Family Photograph

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