Druzilla: Random Acts

Druzilla: Random Acts
Title: Random Acts
Label: CD Baby

Druzilla has finally recorded and released the many unspoken sentiments that have been carried around for years. Utilizing the Fiveling Studios for production, the labor of love that is now" Random Acts..."brought with it a true metamorphosis in song writing and production techniques for many of the songs; that are strangely beautiful as are original in style,structure and content. Clearly some of the collection can be filed under other given established genres, but most are done in a unique style unto themselves; falling into a category that has been dubbed "Eclectic Rock" by a faithful following. The changes that occur from one part of a given song to the next are unexpected, and smooth enough to be interestingly refreshing. Druzilla has been brought together by singer/songwriter Randy Druz who has either written, arranged, produced, performed and/or mastered all of RANDOM ACTS... and is already working on the follow up album to Random Acts; "Songs from the Temple of Silence."

1.1 Another Day to Be with You
1.2 It Just Is What It Is
1.3 And So
1.4 The Balance
1.5 Godso Beautiful
1.6 In a House on Fire
1.7 Be Like Water
1.8 Na Maste Son
1.9 Dark in the Light
1.10 Rishis Rumba
1.11 Time Is a Virus
1.12 Honey from the Blade
1.13 Space Between the Two
1.14 An Unseen Touch
1.15 The Eclectic Blade

Druzilla: Random Acts

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