Duresse: Elate

Duresse: Elate
Title: Elate
Label: CD Baby

Former Wheat guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Ricky Brennan had been playing on & off with childhood friends Derek Dutra & Brad Archer since their teenage garage band years. Duresse began to quietly take shape while Ricky was in between road trips with Wheat. Around 2004, after nine years, three albums & little sleep, he decided to branch off & give Duresse his full attention. The band recorded their debut EP 'Elate' during the summer of 2005, and released it on their own that fall. The seven songs display a range of textures and moods that reveal the band's love for dreamy shoegazer Britpop and lush layers of atmospheric swirling guitars, with a dash of good ol American rock and roll thrown in for good measure. Duresse has been performing generally around Boston & NYC at venues such as the Middle East, TT the Bear's Place, Knitting Factory Tap Bar, Abbey Lounge, Great Scott's, Lizard Lounge, All Asia and the Alphabet Lounge.

1.1 Ghost Ship
1.2 If We Ever Get Out
1.3 Miles Away
1.4 Just Friends
1.5 Lonely Day
1.6 Redwood
1.7 Relevant

Duresse: Elate

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