Dust & Bones: Black Hole of Love

Dust & Bones: Black Hole of Love
Title: Black Hole of Love
Label: CD Baby

Dust and Bones is a four piece rock & roll group who specialize in classic Rock and Blues sound. They will launch into the occasional ballad, but prefer to play "on the verge of losing it" Rock & Roll. All four members contribute musically and vocally on most live songs. This first CD is 95% Paul Harris, guitar and Brian Delahoy, drums. But late comer Ray Johnson has some very good keyboard parts and adds a great guitar lead to "Black Hole of Love". Bass player Chuck Lasher came to the group after the album was complete but has made a niche for himself in their live sound. Harris' sonic guitar parts give the group an almost Metal sound while staying inside of the Rock & Roll groove. He also has four songs that he has written on the CD. Delahoy is the lyricist and warrants attention to his writing. Most of his songs are lyric heavy and listenable. The combination of these two musicians is a force that can't be ignored. With Lasher's bottom and Johnson's subtle rhythms, off instruments and harmonies this band has a very bright future.

1.1 Black Hole of Love
1.2 Big Mama's Love
1.3 Behind the Wheel
1.4 Blue
1.5 Little Twister
1.6 She's a Little Bit Sad
1.7 Revenge
1.8 Blue Blood Wannabe
1.9 Nothing
1.10 Oh
1.11 Mr. Undertaker
1.12 Dog of Dogs
1.13 Queen
1.14 Mischief Girl

Dust & Bones: Black Hole of Love

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