Dying Season: Random Cells of Chaos

Dying Season: Random Cells of Chaos
Title: Random Cells of Chaos
Label: CD Baby

The Band: Dying Season Dying Season is a ground breaking Metal band that inspires their audiences with a stunning intensity that is unparalleled in local bands of their genre. All members of the band are basically self-taught musicians that have managed to break the boundaries of the norm. Their music is intense ands passionate, with a realism that can speak to the "common man". Basically, that is what they are; a bunch of hardworking guys who go to work everyday, and play their music every night, and have dreams of doing what they love for a living. When asked to describe their band, the drummer Jess said "If you leave a show without some kind of bruise you didn't have a good time". According to Truck, "It's Music worth living for" and Eric claims that "This is the best band I've ever been in." This is a band that is fun, intense, and is constantly working to grow and evolve. Everything that they do is in the interest of getting better, aiming higher, and ultimately achieving their goal of sharing their music with the world. Josh Manson: Guitar Josh first formed Dying Season in 2004, and is one of two original members of the band. He was born in Attleboro, MA in 1980 and started playing the guitar at 18 years of age. He was first inspired by watching Joe Satriani play, and then picked up his first instrument and learned to play without a single lesson. He has been completely self taught on the guitar, drums, bass, piano, keyboards, and is also able to fill a vocal role. Josh's guitar influences are Satriani, Mikeal Akerfeldt, Maynard, and Jerry Cantrell. His musical influences would be Tool, Opeth, Alice in Chains and Katatonia. Josh is a modest guitar player who believes that his musical ability is more important than pretentiousness on stage. He completely devotes himself to his music and is continuously working to create new music and develop the band. Jess "Raw Dog" Bond: Percussionist Jess first joined Dying Season in May of 2005. He was born in Akron, Ohio in 1981 and moved to Rhode Island in 2000. He got his first drum set at the age of 3, which was taken away by the age of 4. From that time to his early teens his musical influences were mainly popular music typical of the late eighties. Then at about 13 he started to get into alternative, grunge, punk; everything from the Sex Pistols to Death Angel. After purchasing his second guitar at about 14 years of age he took one unsatisfying guitar lesson and that was the end of lessons for him. After a challenge from his father "To keep or not to keep" he not only succeeded with the guitar, but also with the drums. For the next several years he managed to play with many different bands doing anything to get out there and get a chance to play. Although his primary instrument was guitar, his fascination was always with the drums. Jess describes his drumming style as Deftones meets Sepultra, and cites influences such as Igor Calavera, Vinnie Paul and Danny Carey. He graduated from Johnson and Wales University with a degree in Food Service Management, and still works in the restaurant business today while dedicating the rest of his time to the band and the creation of music. Eric "Silvertongue" Robertson: Vocals Eric has been with Dying Season since December of 2007. Eric was born in Providence, RI in 1973 and is the proud father of Ryan and Dylan, ages 13 and 16. He has been married to his wife, Laurie, for 18 years. He is a very diverse musician who has played just about every instrument and has immense musical talent. He started on the drums at about the age of 12 years old. Eric played the drums in every band he was in until joining Dying Season as a vocalist. When asked why he switched to vocals his reply was "Because every band I was ever in I hated the singer. I knew I could sing better." His influences include Pantera, Tool and Lamb of God, among others. Eric is very passionate about music, cars, and his family. He loves hot rods, drag cars, and car shows. As devoted as Eric is to his family and to his cars, he garnishes a real love for music and the creative process with the band. He is really looking forward to the production of their next CD, which he feels contains some of their most collaborative and intense music to date. Dan "Truck" Santos: Bass Guitar Truck originally hooked up with band founder Josh Manson in a previous band and then helped to form Dying Season in 2004. He was born in Providence, RI in 1977 and was introduced to music at about age 6 by playing the piano. He started playing the bass at age 8, and was playing in clubs by the age of 13. His claim to musical influence is every sound that he's heard since he left the womb. Truck has always known what he wants to do with his life; and that is to play in a band, create music, and share his rapture with the world. He currently plays a hybrid bass that is an Ibanez with Carvin and EMG alterations, although some of the songs in the Dying Season repertoire include the introduction of a custom made Carvin fretless as well. Truck is a Chef by trade and has a personal motto of "Doing what he wants to do with his Life". He is the type of person that doesn't do anything half-way and has sunk his heart and soul into his music. Truck plays music with an intensity unmatched by many of his peers.

1.1 Cold to the Touch
1.2 Confused
1.3 Redemption
1.4 Lifesponge
1.5 Checkmate
1.6 Everything Turned Right
1.7 Forgotten
1.8 Nightmares

Dying Season: Random Cells of Chaos

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