White, Elizabeth: Edges of My Heart

Elizabeth White: Edges of My Heart
Title: Edges of My Heart
Label: CD Baby

If you own or have heard Patty Griffin's debut album 'Living With Ghosts' you'll understand what inspired Elizabeth to release her own debut as a solo acoustic project. It's a risky way to jump off of that musical cliff, putting the artist out there to sink or swim in a very vulnerable way. But listen to even just the first few tracks, and you'll see the she follows in Patty's steps brilliantly. Nothing but her voice, her guitar, the words, and the emotions that drive it all. And it's all you need. The critics agree: 'For those like myself that miss that simple acoustic sound of the Indigo Girls early years, this disc may be the perfect cure. Elizabeth White writes gentle folk songs a la Emily Saliers, with a rough around the edges vocal style along the lines of Amy Ray, and the combination makes for a wonderful debut release, and one that will find a comfortable spot in your collection alongside those early Indigo Girls releases.' (CDReviews.com)

1.1 I Will Never Be the Same
1.2 We've Done Nothing Wrong
1.3 Make This Bird Fly
1.4 What You Need
1.5 The Edges of My Heart
1.6 Joan of Arc
1.7 If I Reach for What I Want
1.8 They Were Only Praying
1.9 Bits and Pieces
1.10 The Power of Your Kiss

White, Elizabeth: Edges of My Heart

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