Spooner, Eric: Eternal: Fill Us Once Again 1

Eric Spooner: Eternal: Fill Us Once Again 1
Title: Eternal: Fill Us Once Again 1
Label: CD Baby

If you've heard the name, ERIC SPOONER before, you will probably think, singer, songwriter, leader, speaker, or musician. Although, those all are true atributes that describe the talents of this young man, but they are only a small portion of who he is, and the person he is to many others in the world. The story behind him, will leave you with a new passion for your destiny, and a stirring to find your new passion in life. The musical heritage of his family spans more than 3 generations of singers and musicians dedicated to expressing music as a passion towards God. For the last 15 years, Eric has traveled with his gift of song and word to many cities across the nation, and in Europe. When asked what style of music was his, he replied, 'there is no such thing as one style with me, because at any moment in a song, I can hit a note, or melisma that is jazzy, bluesy, or even pop sounding'. Eric Spooner is well known by many as a passionate Worship Leader, who pours himself out in his music, which he says, he receives straight from the spirit of God. As a songwriter, Eric has written several songs in the past for radio commercials, other gospel artists, and for family members in the music industry. Eric has been a background and studio singer since the age of 12, and now after all these years has finally released his full length debut Worship album, ETERNAL, Vol I.: Fill Us Once Again. In a nutshell, if you are hungry, searching, or thirsty for a soaking experience in the presence of God, this album is definitely for you. To hear more about the story behind this life changing album, visit Eric online, at www.ericspooner.com or www.myspace.com/ericspooneronline1.

1.1 Fill Us Once Again
1.2 He'll Give You Peace
1.3 Living Waters
1.4 I Will Dwell
1.5 In Thee I Put My Trust
1.6 He'll Give You Peace (Live!)
1.7 Come Now
1.8 Riverflow
1.9 Glory to Your Name
1.10 Glory to Your Name [Praise Mix]
1.11 Jesus Remember Me

Spooner, Eric: Eternal: Fill Us Once Again 1

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