Lewis, Erv: Road Home

Erv Lewis: Road Home
Title: Road Home
Label: CD Baby

Ever since his years as a folksinger, Erv's original songs have been desribed variously as 'song stories', 'word pictures', etc. Judy Herring Leigh, internationally known Christian singer/songwriter and New Music recording artist, described Erv's original material as '.....extraordinarily descriptive of what people really feel as they meet the challenges of every day life', and she describes Erv as having '.....a gift for painting these pictures in the hearts and minds of those who listen to his music.' Some of the songs on this CD reflect a heavy folk/folk rock influence. Others are more middle-of-the-road. Erv and some of the best studio musicians in the business produced the rhythm tracks. Then, tasteful orchestration and background vocals were added. All together, they are a pleasing mix of original and traditional material.

1.1 Go Tell Everybody
1.2 Rock of Ages
1.3 His World
1.4 When He Was Thirty Three
1.5 Didn't He Shine
1.6 Let My Light Shine
1.7 Look to Him
1.8 The Solid Rock
1.9 His Name Is Jesus
1.10 Lead Me Home
1.11 Peace, Love, and Hope
1.12 Take My Hand
1.13 Today I Followed Jesus
1.14 There's a Place at the Cross/Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone
1.15 Call Upon Him
1.16 I'm Gonna' Keep on Singing
1.17 Reverently
1.18 Give Them All to Jesus
1.19 You Gotta' Decide
1.20 Go Tell Everybody (Reprise)

Lewis, Erv: Road Home

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