Wish, Evan: Lullaby of Love

Evan Wish: Lullaby of Love
Title: Lullaby of Love
Label: CD Baby

"Music is a Universal Bridge from the Heart to the Soul... " I walked into Sunburst Recording studios in Culver City, California with Grammy nominated engineer Peter Granet to do a sound recording of my music. The pieces were performed live in the studio and recorded in 'Audiophile' recording format. This means no compression, equalization, reverb and other recording techniques used to enhance the original sound. In the time span of 8 hours I recorded this release. I hired a team of professionals to get the word out and much to my surprise and awe it's Debut on the global New Age charts was a #3. It retained the Top 10 for 3 months, Top 100 for 5 months at Zone Music Reporter and with airplay worldwide. The studio owner, Bob Wayne submitted it to the Grammy awards for me and again I was taken aback because * NARAS - listed it with a Consideration to be nominated in the 48th Grammy Awards for Best New Age Album of 2005. That is my story and what I accomplished by taking a leap of faith... I also dedicated my first release in memory of my father with hope, love and prayer. ** Highlights... Here at CD Baby, we're constantly listening for great new music and we really think your album Lullaby of Love stands out from the pack. We're pretty sure a few of our customers will agree, so we'd like to feature it in our next CD Baby New Age Discover Music Newsletter, set to be emailed on January 19, 2010. Thanks again for making such great music... editor Brad Bush. * Featured Artist on the "New Music Gallery" series at WMNR for "Fine Arts Radio" in Monroe, CT. and hosted by Mr. Dick Hageman. Broadcast weekly over four stations, WMNR, WGRS, WGSK & WRXC covering much of Connecticut and parts of adjacent New York State. The combined stations have 68,500 listeners reported by Arbitron, with close to 5,000 to 6,000 people listening to the folk and new age programming. The tracks featured were # 4, 7, 11, & 13. Hi Evan, I got some good news! Ron pitched you to the network today and Fox would like you be an alternate Classical Music / Music Theory expert on Friday Dec 11.09 for the filming of our show OUR LITTLE GENIUS airing in 2010. Matt Shanfield - Associate Producer at Mark Burnett Productions. ** Reviews: "Mr. Wish has crafted a style bridging New Age and serious Classical music. Bravo to Evan Wish and his Lullaby of Love." ** Press: The Morning Call in Allentown. PA. New Age: David L. Gaskill "The strength of New Age music today lies not in it's ethereal amiability but in it's hard-nosed compositions. Pianist Evan Wish's debut disc certainly measures up to this newer manifestation of the genre. His sound is more layered than Jim Brickman's, less fiery but more quietly intense than Szakcsi, less derivative than Ken Pedersen's. His music is like the flickers of sky experienced as you drive through pale green, birch-filled glades - it shimmers and surprises at almost every turn in the road. There's an emotional maturity, too, that glows from behind his notes, a confidence that infuses the listener with the surety that, on the spiritual plane, at least, all is well. If it's hard to single out any one tune for praise, it's because Wish seems preoccupied with exploring and sharing the multifarious harmonics of his soul. That's no flaw, certainly - for those who are capable of embracing such gladness-inspired emanations. Besides, one could do worse than be a dappler of birches." Zone Music Reporter - RJ. Lannan 'Wish has converted his feelings into music so well that it affects the listener without warning" and "Wish's music is an amalgam of romantic songs without words and contemporary instrumentals with feather - light classical influences.' Mainly Piano - Kathy Parsons "Is an Audiophile recording, a live performance. The result is a pure, clean, piano sound without reverb or equalization. He brings a wealth of experience to his original music. A most impressive début.' Mark Strictland - Hot/Modern/AC Editor & Dept. Manager - All Access Music Group. 'Of the many Indy records I receive, Evan Wish's record is one of the few that will go into my personal collection.' Global Chrysalis Music Publishing, Germany. Mr. Alexander K. - CEO Global Musikverlag. "It was certainly a pleasure and a very interesting experience having met you at the MIDEM 2006 Music fair in Cannes. Very rarely I have the chance to personally talk to such talented and musically dedicated professionals like you. Thank you for leaving the LULLABY OF LOVE album with me for evaluation. Most people at our company, whom I introduced your CD to, seem very impressed about the artistic expression and the beautiful arrangements embodied." Producer/Engineer: Peter Granet The album, 'Lullaby of Love' is the culmination of years of work by Evan and me. Our collaboration began in 1997 when we met at a dinner party. As the party was winding down, our host put on a cassette of solo piano music that blew me away. I asked (Ellen) whose music that was and she introduced me to Evan. We immediately hit it off. I suggested that we get together so I could hear all his works. What I heard was beautiful and very different from the derivative 'New Age' background music I had expected. I could hear the classical influences in his work as well as the melodic hooks that define his work. He is a master of melodic composition. We began our voyage with a one-day demo, recording thirteen compositions I chose from his vast collection of material that would six years later realize itself as 'Lullaby of Love'. During the years that followed our initial recordings and our lives took different paths, but we always knew we had a mission to finish what we had started. In the spring of 2004 we found ourselves talking about 'The' recordings we had made and decided the time was right to bring our work full circle. I was astounded by Evans improvement as a pianist and I suggested that we should not make just another solo piano record, but make the best most expressive recording we were capable of. I worked with Evan to add even more power and dynamics to his performance at the piano and suggested that we record 'Lullaby of Love' as a pure 'Audiophile' recording. 'Audiophile' recording process: Using a matched pair of AKG 3000E condenser microphones, fed through an Avalon AD2022 microphone preamp and straight to a digital recorder. Mastered using Sonic Solutions 5.2.1 and a T.C. Electronics (M5000) The finished product is more than I expected. Evan's playing is powerful and expressive, the recording, so pristine and unforgiving, it has not failed to stir everyone that has heard it. I hope you will enjoy our labor of love when you hear it.

1.1 Lullaby of Love
1.2 To My Surprise
1.3 Crying Eyes of Love
1.4 Lovers Dream
1.5 The Child
1.6 See a Shooting Star
1.7 Souvenirs
1.8 Out of Love Came Love
1.9 I Feel a Change
1.10 The Man I Am
1.11 Melodromatic in Fmi
1.12 Hush
1.13 I Know There Are Rainbows

Wish, Evan: Lullaby of Love

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