Extreme Noise Terror: Law of Retaliation

Title: Law of Retaliation
Artist: Extreme Noise Terror
Label: Osmose
Product Type: VINYL LP
UPC: 766485609373
Genre: Heavy Metal

Extreme Noise Terror formed in January 1985 and at their first gig were immediately signed up by Manic Ears Records and since firmly stamped their caustic arrival all over an unsuspecting music scene, mixing metallic aggression with punk attitude, leaving an indelible impact. Osmose. 2008.

1.1 Believe What I Say
1.2 Religion Is Fear
1.3 Spit on Your Dreams
1.4 Skin Deep
1.5 Blind Lead the Blind
1.6 Short Fuse
1.7 Chasing Shadows
1.8 Human Waste
1.9 Rat Hell
1.10 Enslaved in Darkness
1.11 Nothing No More
1.12 Parasites
1.13 Revenge
1.14 Rotten to the Core
1.15 Low Life
1.16 Against the Grain
1.17 Screaming Fucking Mayhem
1.18 Death Message
1.19 Divided ; Ruledineditedit

Extreme Noise Terror: Law of Retaliation

Product-type:VINYL LP

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