Five Minute Freakshow: Prove You Wrong

Five Minute Freakshow: Prove You Wrong
Title: Prove You Wrong
Label: CD Baby

Five Minute Freakshow's debut album on DRP/Overdose On Records, Prove You Wrong, is an intense combination of high-energy, time-changing beats and powerful, heart-felt lyrics. The band has created a chaotic blend of hardcore, punk and ska; drawing influences from bands like Assorted Jelly Beans, Gorilla Biscuits and With Honor. FMF's quick and to the point songs transition through the different genres with a tight and technical sound to make a truly original style. Sincere lyrics attempt to find solutions to the world's contemporary issues while in-your-face screams and group vocals keep up the intensity. Prove You Wrong is for fans of old-school and contemporary hardcore, thrash and punk.

1.1 She's in Denial
1.2 Maybe We Can Prove Them Wrong
1.3 Guard's Down
1.4 FMF Pt. 2
1.5 My Own Fate
1.6 Last Cup of Kool-Aid
1.7 Hope Is All I Have
1.8 Reason for Change
1.9 Nothing Left
1.10 Growing Up, Moving on, Letting Go

Five Minute Freakshow: Prove You Wrong

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