Flatline: No Way Out

Flatline: No Way Out
Title: No Way Out
Label: CD Baby

Flatline is a three man band based in North West TN. USA. Giveing A full rock band sound; not speed metal, rap rock or techno sound, Just Rock! Very dynamic and malodic with lyrical intencity of bands like Staind, Fuel, God Smack and Candle Box just to name a few of there influances. Lead vocals and Lead Guitar covering the highend by Jason Puckett, Brian Ingram filling the low notes in on Bass and Chris Cottrell keeping the beat on drums and filling with backing vocals.Flatline of North West Tennessee should Not be confused with any other band called Flatline, There are many! Flatline of North West TN. Has reformed as a four member band and is working on a new name. For updates please e-mail us! Thanks for listening!!!

1.1 Go
1.2 Only Human
1.3 This Time
1.4 Solotude
1.5 Whore
1.6 Bleed
1.7 Freeze and Burn
1.8 Go Away
1.9 No Way Out
1.10 Inside
1.11 Bring Me Down
1.12 Parachute

Flatline: No Way Out

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