Fleshcoat/Dr. E: Coat of Flesh

Fleshcoat: Coat of Flesh
Title: Coat of Flesh
Label: CD Baby

Fleshcoat Featuring Dr. E Originating from Cleveland, Ohio, FLESHCOAT featuring DR. E performs R&B/Soul/Grown Folks Music. The CD features the single, Back To Work. Other stand out tracks are Grown Folks' Music, and Daytime Minutes. Fronted by the voice of DR. E, a/k/a Dr. Elaine Richardson.

1.1 In Joy
1.2 Grown Folks' Music
1.3 Losin' It
1.4 Life's Mysteries
1.5 Back to Work
1.6 If We Choose to
1.7 Written in My Heart
1.8 Sound of the Rain
1.9 I See Heaven
1.10 Coat of Flesh (Interlude)
1.11 This Place Gon' Pop
1.12 Daytime Minutes
1.13 Happy Music

Fleshcoat/Dr. E: Coat of Flesh

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