Forthedrive: Forthedrive

Forthedrive: Forthedrive
Title: Forthedrive
Label: CD Baby

Much like hail storms and hurricanes, Columbus, Ohio's own Forthedrive require little introduction. Reputations are not handed out on street corners or in parking lots, they are earned through an uncompromising work ethic forged from the irons of hellbent determination. From the ashes of their efforts since 2003, Forthedrive have built a fiercely loyal following in Ohio, playing shows from Cleveland to Cincinnati, Akron to Dayton, and to legions of loyal fans in their hometown Columbus, Ohio for a sold-out CD Release show in January 2005- the first and only band to sell out the venue in it's history. Among this and other accolades continually handed their way, Forthedrive maintain steady if not ever-increasing radio play and support in Columbus, Ohio at WBZX 99.7 'The Blitz', doing live interviews and holding down weekly rotation. College radio stations, like their big brothers, have picked up on the buzz, teasing audiences with tracks from the band's self-produced debut album. It's no small surprise that Forthedrive's popularity has escalated at an unprecedented rate on national websites like,, and With a sound like no other, they'd be hard-pressed to be unsuccessful no matter where their music is heard. Unlike other bands, Forthedrive manage to maintain musical integrity while fusing infectious emo-esque pop hooks and catchy, ear-pleasing melodies.Their on stage chemistry is pure explosive energy. How about we let the music speak for itself as it has done so convincingly thus far. If you're unfamiliar with their sound, keep an ear to the street...the hurricane is coming, and it's gonna take the music world by storm.

1.1 Brushstroke Fantasy
1.2 Love's Used to Be
1.3 Can't Go to Sleep
1.4 Refuge
1.5 Not Sorry
1.6 Dreamer
1.7 Word's of Fire
1.8 Falling Away
1.9 Screaming Silent
1.10 Heart of Winter
1.11 Dreamer (Acoustic)

Forthedrive: Forthedrive

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