Freedrum: Ensouled

Freedrum: Ensouled
Title: Ensouled
Label: CD Baby

Have you ever heard a song in the wind as it blows through the trees, felt the rhythm of the waves as they hit the beach or tapped your foot to the beat of some far off music being played outside your window? Our world is filled with sounds that have cadence, and have a story about their existence. Music is part of the world of sound that fills our lives. All music has a creator, a story, a meaning and a soul. Music has been created for many different reasons, profit, human turmoil, war, ceremonies, fun and so many other reasons. Freedrum creates music for life on this old planet in a new day. All the songs on their new album EnSouled were created from the same personal experiences we all face today. Freedrum communicates their stories through drums, percussion and voice. A small part of the soundtrack to their lives has been preserved on this new album. Freedrum plays without barriers or restrictions. The sound is big and drums explosive. This is contemporary tribal music anyone can dance to. The songs aren't 'old school', they're before school brought up to date. The rhythms are hypnotic and the playing is bold. This music isn't underground it's above ground, and has been since humans stood up on hind legs. Freedrum doesn't claim to have invented this music or know the ancient language. They tap into the spirit that is all around us, the soul of our world, and present what they feel. Their songs are Ensouled with the same spirit you and I feel when we hear the wind in the trees or feel those waves hitting the beach. Hear those rhythms outside your window, get closer it might be Freedrum.

1.1 Summer Fun
1.2 Back 4 More
1.3 Cinco de Mayo
1.4 Hi N' Lo
1.5 April Fool
1.6 Last Night
1.7 Hang on
1.8 Waiting for You
1.9 You're Crazy
1.10 Take It
1.11 Change My Ways
1.12 D' March
1.13 See the Light
1.14 The River Flows

Freedrum: Ensouled

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