Fun House Mirrors: Fun House Mirrors

Fun House Mirrors: Fun House Mirrors
Title: Fun House Mirrors
Label: CD Baby

"The alternative to Alternative." Fun House Mirrors is a microcosm of the history of rock. From vintage rock 'n roll to old school and middle school classic rock to contemporary power pop, Fun House Mirrors delivers the sonic equivalent of a B-29 carpet bombing. And this is a duo? Believe it. It seems that Michael Hodjera is ubiquitous these days on the indie scene as the creative force behind the Alien Bliss, Angels and Astronaut, Mostly Human and now, Fun House Mirrors CD projects. His talents as a song writer, vocalist, guitarist and bassist are on display on the new CD, along with his distinctive "sand flea in a snow storm" production sensibility. The talented Patrick Hughes supplies the thunder and lightening on drums as he did for 2007's Mostly Human release, 'We Are Mostly Human.' So get your ears on, put your eyeballs back in your head and pick your brains up off the floor. It's. . .Fun House Mirrors!

1.1 Block Party
1.2 Woman of the World
1.3 If That's Alright with You
1.4 Blue in the Face
1.5 Made in the Shade
1.6 Haunted
1.7 Two Score and Ten
1.8 Sixty City
1.9 All Hail the Colossus
1.10 The Invisible Man

Fun House Mirrors: Fun House Mirrors

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