Shiolas, George: 44 Duos for Two Violins

George Shiolas: 44 Duos for Two Violins
Title: 44 Duos for Two Violins
Label: CD Baby

Bela Bartok worked tirelessly from 1905 to 1945 to record and study the ancient music of his native Hungary, and that of it's neighbors. He struggled against time, ignorance, apathy, politics and the natural forces of cross-culturalization to preserve the music of a vanishing culture. What he found became deeply embedded in his own thought and creative process, especially in his 44 Duets. As with his Mikrokosmos, Bartok wrote the Duets for children, intending them to become seeds for a future appreciation of a dwindling musical heritage. This collection of short pieces exemplifies the melding of modern urban and ancient folk cultures. These duets are based on collected folk melodies. The simple, distilled beauty and strength of these melodies is presented in one voice and is mirrored by a modernist accompaniment in the other. The Duets therefore represent an idyllic blending of the two cultures. GEORGE SHIOLAS began study of the violin at age five. At seven he was accepted as a pupil of Raphael Spiro, with whom he studied for 11 years. In 1978, he was admitted to the Portland Youth Philharmonic as it's youngest member, and later received the orchestra's Gershkovich Award. Mr. Shiolas has been the recipient of numerous other awards and prizes, including the Beaux Arts Scholarship and the Eleanor Lieber Award, as well as scholarships to the Meadowmount and Congress of Strings Festivals. At sixteen, Mr. Shiolas appeared on several occasions as soloist with the Oregon Symphony as a winner of the Mrs. Henry L Corbett Sr. Young Artist Competition, and has subsequently been soloist with the Vancouver Symphony, The Columbia Symphony, the Yaquina Chamber Orchestra and the Portland Chamber Orchestra. In the U.S. and Canada, Mr. Shiolas has led the Mt. Hood Chamber Ensemble in performances of Vivaldi's 'Four Seasons,' in which he was both soloist and conductor. In 1985, George Shiolas was awarded a full tuition scholarship to Manhattan School of Music, where his major teacher was Charles Treger, and from which he earned a Bachelor of Music degree. Mr. Shiolas has studied chamber music with Arthur Balsam and Raphael Hillyer, and is founder of the critically acclaimed Lydon String Quartet. In 1997-98, Mr. Shiolas was ship's violinist aboard the M.S. Vistafjord and the Queen Elizabeth II, sailing throughout the Caribbean, and on to Devil's Island, Rio, Buenos Aires, Samoa, Fiji, New Zealand, Tasmania, and Australia. Mr. Shiolas has two solo recordings on the Two Clefs label (TCR 127, TCR 222). He plays on a rare Paola Antonio Testore violin made in Milan, Italy in 1731. JONATHAN DUBAY has performed chamber music concerts throughout the United States as a member of the Essex Quartet, including performances at Alice Tully Hall and the Aspen Music Festival, and live radio broadcasts on WNYC and WQXR and WGBH 'Morning pro Musica'. He holds a Doctor of Musical Arts degree from Yale University as a recipient of the Broadus Erle Memorial Scholarship. His Bachelor of Music degree is from the Eastman School of Music, where he graduated cum laude and received the George Eastman and Frank Scholarship Awards. He has been a Teaching Assistant at The Juilliard School, assisting the Juilliard String Quartet as a Lisa Arnhold Memorial Fellow. Dr. Dubay has studied with Michael Foxman, Carol Sindell, Charles Castleman, Syoko Aki, Sylvia Rosenberg, Donald Weilerstien and Burton Kaplan. He has studied chamber music with Abram Loft, the Cleveland Quartet, the American Quartet, the Tokyo Quartet, Raphael Hillyer, Earl Carlyss, and the Juilliard Quartet. Dr. Dubay is a member of the Oregon Symphony, having twice appeared as featured soloist. He has also performed with the Chilmark Chamber Players, the Third Angle New Music Ensemble and is founding member of the Three Centuries Ensemble. Jonathan Dubay plays on a Gabrielli violin made in Florence, Italy in 1779.

1.1 Matchamaking Song
1.2 Maypole Dance
1.3 Menuetto
1.4 Summer Solstice Song
1.5 Summer Solstice Song - Facilite
1.6 Slovak Song
1.7 Hungarian Song
1.8 Walachian Song
1.9 Slovak Song
1.10 Play Song
1.11 Ruthenian Song
1.12 Cradle Song
1.13 Hay-Gathering Song
1.14 Wedding Song
1.15 Pillow Dance
1.16 Soldiers' Song
1.17 Burlesque
1.18 Hungarian March
1.19 Hungarian March (2)
1.20 A Fairy Tale
1.21 Alternating Song
1.22 New Year's Greeting
1.23 Mosquito Dance
1.24 Farewell to the Bride
1.25 Jeering Song
1.26 Hungarian Song (2)
1.27 Hungarian Song (2) - Facilite
1.28 Teasing Song
1.29 Linmping Dance
1.30 Sorrow
1.31 New Year's Greeting (2)
1.32 New Year's Greeting (3)
1.33 New Year's Greeting (4)
1.34 Dance from Maramaros
1.35 Harvest Song
1.36 Enumerating Song
1.37 Ruthenian Kolomeika
1.38 Bagpipes
1.39 Variant of No. 36
1.40 Prelude and Canon
1.41 Rumanian Whirling Dance
1.42 Serbian Dance
1.43 Walachian Dance
1.44 Scherzo
1.45 Arabian Song
1.46 Pizzicato
1.47 Transylvanian Dance

Shiolas, George: 44 Duos for Two Violins

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