Stephen King: Ghost Brothers of Darkland County / Various

Ghost Brothers of Darkland County: Ghost Brothers of Darkland County / Various
Title: Ghost Brothers of Darkland County / Various
Label: Hear Music

Special 2-Disc Deluxe Edition contains a bonus DVD featuring a special look behind the making of Ghost Brothers as well as the in-studio video recording of the song "Truth" with John Mellencamp.

1.1 Introduction By the Zydeco Cowboy
1.2 That's Me (Performed By Elvis Costello)
1.3 Anna and Frank Badmouthing Drake
1.4 That's Who I Am (Performed By Neko Case)
1.5 The Ghosts Argue and Fight
1.6 So Goddam Smart (Performed By Dave Alvin, Phil Alvin, Sheryl Crow)
1.7 Monique and Anna Meet
1.8 Wrong, Wrong, Wrong About Me (Performed By Elvis Costello)
1.9 Frank and Drake Argue
1.10 Brotherly Love (Performed By Ryan Bingham, Will Dailey)
1.11 Monique, Frank, Drake, and Anna Argue
1.12 How Many Days (Performed By Kris Kristofferson)
1.13 The Ghosts Talk (Dialog Underscoring: Patrick Fleming)
1.14 Home Again (Performed By Sheryl Crow, Dave Alvin, Phil Alvin, Taj Mahal)
1.15 Monique Comforts Drake
1.16 You Are Blind (Performed By Ryan Bingham)
1.17 Joe Begins to Tell His Story
1.18 Tear This Cabin Down (Performed By Taj Mahal)
1.19 Joe Continues His Story
1.20 My Name Is Joe (Performed By Clyde Mulroney)
1.21 Jenna Expresses Her Feelings
1.22 Away from This World (Performed By Sheryl Crow)
1.23 Monique Frustrated with the Boys
1.24 You Don't Know Me (Performed By Rosanne Cash)
1.25 Joe Continues As the Ghosts Observe (Dialog Underscoring: Patrick Fleming)
1.26 And Your Days Are Gone (Performed By Sheryl Crow, Dave Alvin, Phil Alvin)
1.27 Jack and Andy Fight Over Jenna
1.28 Jukin (Performed By Sheryl Crow)
1.29 Jack and Andy Argue and Fight
1.30 So Goddam Good (Performed By Phil Alvin, Dave Alvin, Sheryl Crow)
1.31 Joe Talks with His Younger Self
1.32 What Kind of Man Am I (Performed By Kris Kristofferson, Phil Alvin, Sheryl Crow, Dave Alvin, Taj Mahal)
1.33 The Shape Sums Things Up
1.34 Truth (Performed By John Mellencamp with Lily and Madeleine Jurkiewicz)
1.35 Joe Talks with the Bartender
2.1 A Look Behind Ghost Brothers of Darkland County
2.2 Truth in Studio
2.3 Libretto

Stephen King: Ghost Brothers of Darkland County / Various


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