Shambroom, Glenn: Band Math

Glenn Shambroom: Band Math
Title: Band Math
Artist: Shambroom, Glenn
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 747728960727
Genre: Jazz

Glenn Shambroom & Friends: Glenn Shambroom-guitar, baritone sax, soprano sax; Billy Novick-bass clarinet, clarinet, alto flute; Tom West-B3 organ, piano, Rhodes piano; Greg Holt-bass; Ed Scheer-drums, bongos. Multi-instrumentalist Glenn Shambroom has spent the last thirty years exploring a wide range of roots music and jazz styles. Since 1994, he has played guitar and baritone sax with the Boston r&b band the Love Dogs, touring the US Canada, and Europe (and earning dozens of dollars). Of his third CD, he explains 'The music I've written for BAND MATH grew out of my doubling on guitar and sax, and my interest in integrating elements of jazz, r&b, and rock & roll into something compelling and coherent with those two instruments. Because the four guys who play on the CD with me are all very resourceful, the project kind of turned into an experiment on instrumentation: 'What can we do with three guys? With four guys? With five?' And ultimately, 'Who ordered the chicken salad? And who's gonna pay for this?'' METRONOME MAGAZINE'S 'Top Five for March 2007': 'No matter how you punch the numbers, the songs on BAND MATH come up jazzy, swingin' and soulful. Glenn Shambroom is best known for his work in the Love Dogs. His solo work is steeped in the traditional jazz realm, and features Shambroom's ever growing composing and arranging skills. He exhibits an unusual flair to his songwriting, being both a horn player and guitarist. With influences that range from Oliver Nelson and Billy Strayhorn to Jimi Hendrix and Chet Atkins, you're going to get a mixed bag of interesting sounds when Shambroom puts pen to paper. Songs that show off Shambroom's talents as a songcrafter and musician include the funky spank of 'Word Of Mouth Blues', the monster groove of 'Schneetag', the fine guitar work in 'Swivelhead', and the chunky jive of 'Flood Pants'. If you dig Shambroom's work with the Love Dogs, make sure to check out his expanded repertoire on BAND MATH.' (Douglas Sloan, METRONOME MAGAZINE) INDIE-MUSIC.COM April 2007: 'Saxophonist/guitarist Glenn Shambroom touches upon myriad styles of jazz, from be-bop to boogaloo to rare groove (with very subtle, yet distinctive bluesy undertones) without sounding like he's simply mimicking his predecessors. He's truly original, and has a natural talent for writing and arranging that comes across with a disarming mixture of strength and confidence. Some songs sound like free-flowing improvisations, while others retain the more traditional sounds of rotating solos. One moment the music on BAND MATH is relaxed and lazy- almost like a hot summer day in a quiet little town. The next, it's crackling and popping with energy that races through you like lightning. It's vibrant. It's alive. It's an album that successfully experiments with various layers of instruments and sounds by taking you through a sort of 'musical evolution': the first few songs are quintets, then progress to quartets, and finally, the last few are trios, all of which come together to create a unique, hip-swingin', head-swayin' romp through various eras of jazz. Listening to BAND MATH, one thing is quite apparent- Glenn Shambroom may not be well known, but with an immense talent and passion for the art like his, the possibilities are endless.' (Robyn Kamimura, INDIE-MUSIC.COM) CADENCE MAGAZINE June 2007: '...The compositions run the stylistic gamut from boogaloo to meditative introspection. Shambroom is an agile improviser on guitar and the soprano saxophone, but where he really excels is on the burly baritone sax. That big horn blends exceedingly well with Billy Novick's bass clarinet on the almost fugue-like sections of 'Toddlin In Notodden'. My favorites are two trio offerings, the bongo boppin 'Flood Pants' and 'Wakeless Nights', with warm alto flute and organ. Glenn Shambroom should make many more friends with this listener-friendly disc.' (Larry Hollis, CADENCE MAGAZINE) THECHICKENFISHSPEAKS.COM July 2008: 'Glenn's baritone sax playing is a thing of beauty with it's rich, full tone guiding along the melody and the spacey B-3 organ bringing to mind the height of hip jazz. This is the type of music I'd expect to hear at a classy jazz club.' (Grog Mutant, THECHICKENFISHSPEAKS.COM) SKOPE MAGAZINE September/October 2007: 'The jazzy style you'll admire in this disc is timeless and hip. BAND MATH flows with ease from slow and chill to punchy and vibrant. 'Swivelhead' illustrates Shambroom's melting pot style. The track exchanges jazzy tones for a brilliant electric guitar with complicated fingerings and a sound rivalling the best. BAND MATH is swinging and full of vitality, making way for the perfect chic jazz album that both diehard traditionalists and modern hipsters will adore.' (Lauren Proctor, SKOPE MAGAZINE)

1.1 Word of Mouth Blues
1.2 Toddlin' in Notodden
1.3 Snappy's Last Ride
1.4 Schneetag
1.5 Swivelhead
1.6 Wambi's Lament
1.7 Sand in My Shoes
1.8 Flood Pants
1.9 Wakeless Nights
1.10 Norway to Treat a Lady

Shambroom, Glenn: Band Math


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