Go Slowpoke: All My Friends Are Good People

Go Slowpoke: All My Friends Are Good People
Title: All My Friends Are Good People
Label: CD Baby

We are an uplifting / depressing pop band from Bellingham. Our favorite things in the world are cute animal costumes and really disgusting sexual graffiti. We've never seen the redwoods, but we hope to soon. We think we're dying, we really do! But we keep on living. We don't know why -- we think it has something to do with evolution. Here are some nice things people have said about us: 'One of the Top 5 Local Albums of 2007' - THE BELLINGHAM HERALD 'With their debut release, Go Slowpoke has produced a set of well-recorded and wonderfully written anthems that works well as a soundtrack for Northwest living. All My Friends is chalk full of tales and scenarios brimming in the consciousness of many people of our time, and of years long past. Peter is an ally for souls and tales unheard but ready to be liberated... Flattery aside, 'All My Friends Are Good People' is an indie-pop classic everyone needs to hear.' - WHAT'S UP MAGAZINE 'An indie classic... An overexposed lyrical self-portrait of [Peter Woiwod's] eccentric bleeding heart.' - WEST COAST PERFORMER.

1.1 I Completely Understand
1.2 Be Less Embarrassing
1.3 Sex Isn't Beautiful
1.4 Kiss Now, Drunk Later
1.5 Goodbye to That One
1.6 Dead Stars ; Empty Stomach
1.7 Last Year Hurts
1.8 Melissa
1.9 I Used to Give a Shit
1.10 ... You Can't Stay
1.11 Pre-Life Crisis
1.12 I Hope Something Happens Today

Go Slowpoke: All My Friends Are Good People

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