Macdonald, Grant: Getty CD-Rom

Grant Macdonald: Getty CD-Rom
Title: Getty CD-Rom
Label: CD Baby

GETTYMOVIE ... deals with JP Getty; WWII espionage and Wall Street ... headed to the Academy Awards®. JP GETTY FBI FILE 100.1202 JUNE 26, 1940 ESPIONAGE The UK & FBI reported that JP GETTY was filling his Hotel Pierre in New York City with Nazi spies who were sabotaging Allied forces weaponry plants. JP Getty's mother was German. 43,000 civilians were killed in UK between Aug/Oct 1940. The FBI also reported that JP GETTY was still shipping oil to Hitler nine months after London was being bombed; several years into the Holocaust; five months before Pearl Harbor ... December 7, 1941. EXCELLENT ... UCLA PROF. EMERITUS GENE LEVINE DESERVES AN ACADEMY AWARD® ... J.J. FRIDFINNSSON A BILLION BUCKS ... #4 FARMCLUB A BILLION BUCKS ... #5 LOUDENERGY WATCH ME ... #1 LOUDENERGY JPGETTY ... #6 LOUDENERGY REVIEWS BELOW/LISTENERS AT GARAGEBAND.COM ... JPGETTY ... Holocaust History Here! Interesting Historical information. Lots of potential here. Lawton, Oklahoma A BILLION BUCKS ... AWESOME! This track was great. I have to get this CD. It's awesome. The lyrics are great. This band is going to be big. Keep it up. They are going to go platinum. Dwickers3 - Shelton, Connecticut A BILLION BUCKS ... I'd like to hear it louder. Milkdud - Orlando, Florida WATCH ME ... Did They Just Kick Durst's Ass? Awesome ass track. Way better than Durst could do. infusionbass_1 - Tallahassee, Florida WATCH ME ... Sweet. ... CrazyTownFan - Ottawa WATCH ME ... Very Good Really good stuff here. Good melody. Great thing. Bolos - Montreal, Quebec WATCH ME ... Great Keyboard! The keyboard sounds very nice in this song. F44 Bop, New Zealand WATCH ME ... Cool. I loved the beat of this track. It was awesome. Peachbutt - Markham, ON WATCH ME ... Good Song. Come On. Anidiotsdelight - Denver, Colorado WATCH ME ... Da Beats It has cool drums and a cool beat. BlinkX - Marine City, Michigan WATCH ME ... Thumping Bass Line! What a wicked thumping beat this song has! Wicked hard beat tune! adz22 - Uckfield, Sussex, UK WATCH ME ... Talent worth spending money on. RichardJohn - London, England, UK WATCH ME ... Good song !!! Sounds well and pretty soon you will get the spotlight. Mr11 - Newmarket, Ontario SURE PROUD OF MY DAD Nice thought of making a song like this in dedication for your dad. Your dad must be proud of you as well! JonRaven - WOODBRIDGE ON Interesting stuff Nice tribute to our war heros mojimbo - Toronto ON.

1.1 Getty - Grant MacDonald
1.2 A Billion Bucks - Grant MacDonald

Macdonald, Grant: Getty CD-Rom

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