Greg Adams: Pareidolia

Greg Adams: Pareidolia
Title: Pareidolia
Label: CD Baby

"Space Woman Yeah"-My dad is a former NASA engineer and lifelong astronomy buff; consequently, my siblings and I spent a lot of nights on a flannel blanket in our backyard staring up at the sky when we were kids. While waiting for a meteor shower one night, we did, in fact, see 30 satellites. Dad was also the local "go-to guy" when anyone saw anything strange in the nighttime sky. While cleaning and rearranging my basement to create a space for my home studio (Magnetic Door Studio), I happened across a cassette tape marked, "UFO interview 1974." I transcribed the interview, which was between my dad and a rural Central Wisconsin woman who had seen some strange lights zoom across her farm field near Hixton/Northfield, WI. During the questioning, she mentions stories of similar sightings in the Eau Claire newspaper. One man, she says, who also saw the lights, was "so scared, he got out of his car and went down in the ditch." Wow--how crazily that coincides with my fictitious, alien 'seduction' story. My lyrics for this song are heavily influenced by the following: my dad's personal stories, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, a 1970's era TV show called Project U.F.O. (a predecessor of the X Files), and the TV mini-series V. As Fox Moulder says, "I want to believe." Greg Adams-vocals, acoustic guitar, Moog tidbits, spaceship whines (wines?), background vocals, radio chatter, glockenspiel; Tom Kutrieb-electric guitars/feedback, bat guitar, piano, bass, funky keyboard solo, background vocals, radio chatter; Zach Brawford: drums. "Hair"-A carry-over from college, written in my dorm room in Yashiro, Japan, on an unplugged electric guitar. This one goes out to my friend Karl Pearson-Cater, one of the coolest people I know. Our bands the Raging Bagels and rottweiller were rad back in the day. While both exchange students in Japan, Karl and I played this song with a young Japanese drummer during a "guitar club" meeting at Kansai Gaidai University. I don't think this guy had ever played original music, especially not something sorta funky with two American college kids. With a massive grin on his face, the hyped up drummer continued to bounce uncontrollably on his drums stool and laugh aloud for about a full minute after the song finished. (Note: "Hair" was my first-ever music video uploaded to youtube-search for gladams2007 or you might just get a Lady Gaga video--directed and edited by the amazing Jessie Braun.) Greg Adams-vocals, rhythm and wah guitar; Tom Kutrieb-bass, trumpet solo; Zach Brawford-drums. "Funakoshi's Paperback"-These discombobulated lyrics began as a simple writing exercise. While driving to work I would look around and try to string together rhyming couplets from words, phrases and images I spied around me. Eventually, I worked in couplets based on things surrounding me at home. My daughter Addy contributed a few, as well. Tom laid down an electronic beat, rescued a long-forgotten bass line and arranged the music around the lyrics. Greg Adams-lead vocals, chorus vocals, match strike; Tom Kutrieb-bass, guitars, drum programming, chorus vocals, whistling; Richard Price-nylon-string guitar sketches; Leland Brenholt-Kung Fu flute; Deb Kutrieb, Jeff Gulczynski, Shawn Larson-additional chorus vocals. "Checkout Line"-Written when I was a grocery stock (stalk?) boy...there's really not much more to say. Greg Adams-vocals, acoustic guitar, bass; Tom Kutrieb-lead guitar, laser scanner solo; Zach Brawford-drums; Apryl Price plays the part of the checkout girl (and for the record, SHE is not a ditz). "Cocoon"-A song about dissatisfaction through the eyes of a pissed off butterfly. I pushed Tom to play his solo on bass. Incredibly, the end result is very similar in style and feel to a "sloth pop" band I love, Pedro the Lion (whom Tom has never even heard). Strange that one of the darkest songs I've written was one of the first we recorded. Greg Adams-vocals, acoustic guitar; Tom Kutrieb-bass, including bass solo, drum programming, fluttering sounds, whining wind; Mike Kutrieb-keyboard bend. "Quiet Place"-Written after a fire in my apartment building my last semester at UW-Eau Claire. I crashed on a friend's couch after the building was evacuated, and this song arrived in my head. I was imaging both God and my wife as the "you" I longed to be with. One of Tom's finest solos, I must say. Greg Adams-vocals, acoustic guitar, keyboard drone; Tom Kutrieb-bass, electronic vibes, lead guitar. "Happy As A Dog"-The first love song I wrote for my wife, Laurie. We were trying to survive a long-distance relationship at the time: Laurie in Boston, MA, and me finishing college in Eau Claire, WI. Countless letters, several secret fly-away weekends, and one cross-country drive later we were married. Tom's Border Collie Max, our constant studio companion, makes his vocal debut on this song. We had to get a laptop in the studio and play samples of car horns to get Max to actually bark. He's a good dog that way. Greg Adams-vocals (lead and high), hand claps, cow bell; Mike Kutrieb-Rhodes-like keyboards; Tom Kutrieb-electric guitar, dueling guitar leads, bass, Hammond B3, hand claps; Zach Brawford-drums; Max Kutrieb-guest vocals. Shawn Larson-background vocals; Greg Adams, Tom, Deb and Emily Kutrieb-apartment noises. "Emerald Plumes"-When I first started to record this album (eons ago, it seems), I challenged myself to write at least one new song. It wasn't happening. Summers came, and recording kept getting interrupted by real life. That's where this song comes from: the desire to create music but the obligations of work, home, family, and personal sanity getting in the way. Written for Tom but also a nod to all the Hydroflites' "widows." Special thanks to Taylor for the musical input. Greg Adams-vocals, acoustic guitar, 12-string acoustic rhythm guitar, background vocals, jingle pole; Tom Kutrieb-electric guitar, 12-string acoustic leads, electric guitar lead, bass, background vocals, string arrangement, drum programming, handbells; Apryl Price, Shawn Larson-additional backing vocals. "Holy Cow"-Revisited and reimagined. Greg Adams-vocals, acoustic guitar, bass; Tom Kutrieb-electric rhythm guitar; Ronald B. Crister-guitar solo; Zach Brawford-drums. "New Soap"-OK, this one is Tom's fault! The thought had never even occurred to me to re-record this classic staple of my laugh-filled solo sets. Tom envisioned this song as a showcase for some leads, either by him or another one my guitar hero friends from the West Coast (Aaron L. and Bobby H.-you were next in line). Two happy accidents happened while working on this song: 1) Tom was trying to find a click track and the thumping electronic beat emerged while the finger-picking guitar part started. I said, "Duuuude! We gotta keep that!" and 2) While trying to show Tom what I sort of wanted for leads during a sound check of his guitar, I fiddled a bit. Tom stopped and said, "You've GOT to do the leads!" Didn't think I could do it, but the leads have a very Lou Reed flavor (never dreamed it could happen). Greg Adams-vocals, acoustic guitar, dueling lead guitars, bass; Tom Kutrieb-drum programming, keyboards, electronic noises; Jeff Gulczynski-overarching guitar bend. "Too Far Away"-The angry side of a breakup (see "Meantime" for the companion acceptance song). This is the first song Tom and I recorded, and probably the meanest song I've ever written. At first I was adamant about not using my acoustic guitar on this track. I wanted this album to look, feel and sound completely different than anything I'd generated in the past. "Too Far Away" marked the first time I was free to actually match the sounds I heard in my head with what we could capture on tape. (I know it's digital now, but the recording lingo lingers.) Still, after years playing this song live, hearing the fury within the song without the driving acoustic guitar just didn't work. Greg Adams-vocals, acoustic guitar, bass, cymbal bends; Jar Anderson-background vocals;

1.1 Space Woman Yeah
1.2 Hair
1.3 Funakoshi's Paperback
1.4 Checkout Line
1.5 Cocoon
1.6 Quiet Place
1.7 Happy As a Dog
1.8 Emerald Plumes
1.9 Holy Cow
1.10 New Soap
1.11 Too Far Away
1.12 Meantime

Greg Adams: Pareidolia

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