Hunt, Greg White: Enter the Oriente

Greg White Hunt: Enter the Oriente
Title: Enter the Oriente
Label: CD Baby

Enter the Oriente is a creative sonic journey into the Rain Forest based on the composer's experiences in the Upper Rio Napo area of the Ecuadorian Amazon. A master ethnomusicologist, Greg White Hunt has created music that flows from primal to classical, featuring his own hand-crafted bamboo instruments and forest rhythms fused with authentic rainforest sounds. The music also includes Quichua shamans performing actual ayahuasca healing sessions. Enter the Oriente is a celebration of the Quichua-speaking indigenous peoples and their ancient mysterious forest.

1.1 Enter the Oriente
1.2 Oriente
1.3 Jatun Sacha Preserve
1.4 Sacha Runa
1.5 Ayahuascero Icarios
1.6 Dance of the Plant Teachers
1.7 Sacha Huarmi's Blessing
1.8 Hike to Don Jaime's
1.9 Sparrow and Mercedes
1.10 Chacruna
1.11 Song of the Canopy
1.12 Canoe on the Upper Rio Napo
1.13 Haunting Forest Mystery
1.14 Quichua Children
1.15 All Is Well

Hunt, Greg White: Enter the Oriente

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