Gunslikegirls: Octopus in Igloo

Guns Like Girls: Octopus in Igloo
Title: Octopus in Igloo
Label: CD Baby

The band that is now GunsLikeGirls formed in February of 2005 in northern New Jersey. Formerly known as 'Emma' the band made some changes in lineup and sound and was reborn as GunsLikeGirls. Thanks to the differences in musical tastes amongst the six members, GunsLikeGirls combines elements of aggressive metal, pop punk and experimental indie rock to form a style that is all their own. GunsLikeGirls met up with producer Jesse Cannon (A Static Lullaby, Senses Fail, The Cure) and began preproduction in the summer of 2005 for what would end up being the band's debut release...'The Octopus In The Igloo.' GLG and Cannon then spent the fall of 2005 locked away in the recording studio, tracking every day. Finally in January of 2006 the record was mastered at West West Side Mastering Studios in New York. 'The Octopus In the Igloo' has something for everyone. The record is just as heavy as it is melodic and just as melodic as it is strange. 'Prices Switch' opens the record, wasting no time introducing you to the intensity that GunsLikeGirls is all about. The song has big guitars with intricate keyboards and a chorus you will never forget. It then goes into the band's single 'Hand Control.' This catchy song keeps you tuned in the whole time, building up the suspense until the epic ending. The next track is 'Sugarberry.' All we can say is...this is the last thing you'd expect to be on a record like will be surprised. 'He Is Not A Bird.' is the next track. This song has a strange experimental feel with a brutal aggressive chorus. The timing and tempo changes will not let you down. Next up is a fast paced aggressive song called 'The Moore We See.' Throughout the song, GunsLikeGirls hits you with brutal parts over and over again, and just when you think it can't get any more destructive, the song continues the onslaught until the end of the song. After that, 'The Octopus In the Igloo' let's you take a break with a song called 'Intro To Obsession.' This song is very pretty with an amazing vocal performance. It demonstrates the diversity of style in GunsLikeGirls. 'Intro To Obsession' takes you right into 'Clean To Sweep.' This song combines an intricate instrumental preformance with vocals that will have you singing and shouting along. The song shows great musicianship and tops it all off with an epic ending. 'The Octopus In the Igloo' ends with a slaughter in a song called 'There Were People With Morals.' This is the song you play in your car as loud as you can with the windows open so everyone that comes near you runs away. It is the heaviest song on the record and a perfect one to end it with. Whether you've listened to bands like Guns Like Girls or you have not...'The Octopus In The Igloo' was born spawning from raw power and six young men's love for music. This record would sit well in any rock fan's collection. The Octopus in the Igloo: Jose Rodriguez: Vocals Stephen Jasko: Guitar, Vocals Adam Kobylarz: Guitar Jeff Tussi: Guitar, Keyboard Justin Maikisch: Thunderbass Jono Melamed: Drums.

1.1 Prices Switch
1.2 Hand Control
1.3 Sugarberry
1.4 He Is Not a Bird
1.5 The Moore We See
1.6 Intro to Obsession
1.7 Clean to Sweep
1.8 There Were People with Morals

Gunslikegirls: Octopus in Igloo

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