Hawk: Rock N Roll

Hawk: Rock N Roll
Title: Rock N Roll
Label: CD Baby

ROCK N ROLL is the name of the new album by the Chicago Quartet HAWK, and it fits. The 11 new tracks on 'ROCK N ROLL' take you back to a mid-70s rock vibe that bristles with loud guitars and raw, stripped-down rhythms, David Hawkins' sweeping vocals, Aaron Bakker's fiery leads and, well, really good songs. Hawkins says that the new songs were inspired by 'the badass orange Camaro my brother had when we were growing up'. 'We'd drive around listening to AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, BTO, the Stones...you know, REAL rock n roll. That's the spirit that these songs came out of.' In the midst of the recent 80's dance-rock revival, ROCK N ROLL is a breath of fresh air. The spare, uncluttered arrangements and driving rhythms harken back to simpler times, while the songs and production are of the moment. Put it on, and you'll see why it's already been called an 'instant classic'. Over the past year and a half, the band has been recording the new album at Green Room studios in Chicago, and recently flew to LA to mix the album with acclaimed producer Dave Trumfio (Wilco, My Morning Jacket, Built to Spill, OK Go) at Kingsize Sound Labs in Silver Lake. Additional production was done with Mark Chalecki (of Captiol records) in LA, and the disc was mastered by Mike Hagler of Kingsize Chicago. ROCK N ROLL is now finished, and the band is talking to several labels. A Spring or Summer 2007 release is anticipated. While the album is jam-packed with great songs, some of the standout tracks include the incendiary opener, "You Are So Rock n Roll", The Zeppelin-esque "Take My Love", the crunchy power-pop of "How You Feel", the Springsteen-ish pop gem "Janey", and the on-the-road anthem "Get Back Home". You can hear "ROCK N ROLL" at The Hawk site, hawkmusic.net or myspace.com /hawkrockband. HAWK released it's breakthrough album 'Princess America' (which featured a cameo in voice and word by Lawrence Ferlinghetti) in 2005, getting rave reviews worldwide and national airplay on AAA and Alternative radio, and was the subject of a program on German National Radio (DLF) featuring new topical/political songs from the U.S. HAWK's live shows are renowned for their intensity,as witnessed at asold-out show with Robbie Fulks at Chicago's Double Door recently. Chicago powerhouse WXRT radio chose 'Find a New Road' as one of the best Chicago songs of the year, and 'What's Goin Down' was chosen as the lead-off track for American Fallout Records' Americana Sampler Vol.1, which went to #3 on the National Roots radio chart and remained on the chart for over 10 weeks. Go to: RECENT HAWK PRESS: 'Hints of '80s jangle psych-pop bristle amidst the brilliant and punchy power chords that ebb and flow through this 11-track rocker (Princess America). David Hawkins is the driving force behind this Chicago area band that mixes his passion for the old school (Dylan, VU), the not as old (Springsteen, R.E.M., dB's) and the new (Jayhawks, Uncle Tupelo). The result is an infectious blend of driving power-pop..." --Miles of Music "A fresh new voice in American music." --Detroit Free Press 'With a ragged wall of raging guitars, and singer/writer David Hawkins' earnest vocals, 'Princess America' is a finely chiseled throwback to '80s guitar band land, when behemoths like the Del-Lords and Dream Syndicate roamed the earth. The songs concentrate on holding your ground in a world gone mad, with the ballad 'Innocence' emerging as a centerpiece of sorts, and the rumbling 'The Secret,' a call to arms...' --Pop Culture Press "As a teenager, David Hawkins was influenced by the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and the Who, but it was Neil Young's "Harvest" that was a revelation. In the late '80s, while managing the alt-country group Souled American, Hawkins began writing his own songs. Digging into the rich musical vein of the past from Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan to Hank Williams and Robert Johnson, his music pulses with an appealing pop-rock beat, clever, meditative lyrics and finely honed melodies." --Chicago Sun-Times.

1.1 So Rock N Roll
1.2 Suzie China
1.3 Take My Love
1.4 How You Feel
1.5 Shameful Ways
1.6 Not Get Down
1.7 Rock Star Thing
1.8 In You
1.9 Janey
1.10 Get Back Home
1.11 (Tao) the Way

Hawk: Rock N Roll

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