Heartbound: Because I Believe

Heartbound: Because I Believe
Title: Because I Believe
Label: CD Baby

You will be captured even by the title of Heartbound's Because I Believe CD. You will find strength to your soul through their lyrics and music. Along with their beautiful harmonies, you will find peace as you listen to these faith-promoting songs about standing in Holy Places, missionaries, marriage, and being strong enough to believe. Many throughout the world have performed these songs in various capacities. 'Because I Believe' will assure you that trying to believe in this difficult world, is well worth the effort. Singers, songwriters, and motivational speakers, Heartbound, is comprised of Me'Chel Musgrave, Debbie Bastian, and Lori Hales. They have performed literally coast-to-coast across America and have also combined their talents and recorded with such greats as internationally renowned pianist, Marvin Goldstein. The group writes their own lyrics and composes their own music bringing their unique brand of joy, peace and hope to their audiences numbering in the tens of thousands. They originally began writing soft pop, but have expanded their style to include blues, a little gospel, and lately motivational works, producing 8 CD's and 2 Songbooks. They have been singing together for more than 20 years. As best friends they found that singing together consumes fewer calories than going to lunch regularly. Between them they have been married for 89 years, have mothered 13 children, 6 adorable grandchildren and enjoy the support of their terrific families. Like you, they live in the real world. They've experienced the tragic deaths of loved ones, disappointments professionally and personally, and the ups and downs of everyday life. Heartbound's mission statement reads... 'Reaching out with music to speak to the soul, give hope to the heart and spread joy for the journey.' This is indicative of what you will feel as you experience their music. You will be dazzled and uplifted at the same time.

1.1 Because I Believe
1.2 Stand in Holy Places
1.3 Stand As His Warrior Today
1.4 Stand As His Warrior Today [Male Version]
1.5 Dreams Come True
1.6 Joseph Was His Name
1.7 Sharing His Light
1.8 Press Froward
1.9 You're the Angel in My Eye
1.10 Press Forward [Chapel Version]
1.11 This Is Christmas
1.12 Because I Believe [Instrumental]
1.13 Stand in Holy Places [Instrumental]
1.14 Stand As His Warrior Today [Instrumental]
1.15 Stand As His Warrior Today [Male Version]
1.16 Sharing His Light [Instrumental]
1.17 Press Froward [Instrumental]
1.18 Press Forward [Instrumental Chapel Version]

Heartbound: Because I Believe

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