Heedoosh: Meumkah Delibah

Heedoosh: Meumkah Delibah
Title: Meumkah Delibah
Label: CD Baby

As it's name implies, the music of this new band is something of a revelation. The brainchild of two Israeli Yemenite brothers, Yahav and Yaniv Tsaidi, Heedoosh performs deeply personal, spiritual Jewish rock music that pulls no punches. The songs are of breathtaking beauty and complexity, rooted in sacred text and combined with contemporary verses gilded with a true rock edge influenced by Stone Temple Pilots, Radiohead, Coldplay and Oasis- a mix of hard rock and brit-pop with Hebrew lyrics and Jewish themes. The songs hold fast to their rock roots and their Jewish sources without compromising any integrity on either front. The soul-searching themes of thier poignant songs are not afraid to address the foundations of faith nor express their longing for redemption. In a swirling vortex of a world filled with confusion, Heedoosh is a musical vidui, a lyrical confession that reaches out to the unknown for answers with a completely unique style and a new discovery on an ancient text: a Heedoosh. Heedoosh's original Jewish rock music appeals to all who can handle it.

1.1 Etz Hayim
1.2 Aliyat Hanerot
1.3 Lev Tahor
1.4 Lecha Dodi
1.5 Bein Mayim L'yayin
1.6 Hiney Kel
1.7 The Purim Song
1.8 Mizmor L'todah
1.9 Lishuatechah
1.10 Yoshev B'seter

Heedoosh: Meumkah Delibah

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