House of Pain: House Of Pain

House of Pain: House Of Pain
Artist: House of Pain
Title: House Of Pain

Twenty-fifth anniversary reissue of this classic debut album from the hardcore rap outfit. House of Pain frontman Everlast (born Erik Schrody) began to make his mark in hip hop history books in the 1980's, where he became a front line "Syndicate Soldier" in Ice T's Rhyme Syndicate. His association with the "Original Gangster" led the young MC to a lucrative contract with Warner Bros Records, who released his debut album, Forever Everlasting, in 1990. After the release of his first solo effort, Everlast formed House Of Pain with high school friends Dannyboy (born Daniel O'Connor) and DJ Lethal (born Leor DiMant) With the release of Jump Around one of hip hop history's most infectious and easily identifiable songs, House of Pain were instantly elevated from an unknown all white hip-hop group to worldwide superstars.

1.1 Salutations [Explicit] 1:09
1.2 Jump Around [Explicit] 3:34
1.3 Put Your Head Out [Explicit] 3:02
1.4 Top O' the Morning to Ya [Explicit] 3:36
1.5 Commercial 1 [Explicit] 0:07
1.6 House and the Rising Son [Explicit] 3:39
1.7 Shamrocks and Shenanigans [Explicit] 3:39
1.8 House of Pain Anthem (Original Mix) 2:35
1.9 Danny Boy, Danny Boy [Explicit] 1:54
1.10 Guess Who's Back [Explicit] 3:58
1.11 Commercial 2 [Explicit] 0:21
1.12 Put on Your Shit Kickersn) [Explicit] 3:11
1.13 Come and Get Some of This [Explicit] 2:50
1.14 Life Goes on [Explicit] 2:43
1.15 One for the Road [Explicit] 2:50
1.16 Feel It [Explicit] 3:59
1.17 All My Love [Explicit] 3:20
1.18 Jump Around (Pete Rock Remix) [Explicit] 3:54
1.19 Shamrocks and Shenanigans (Butch Vig Mix) 3:55

House of Pain: House Of Pain


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