Ileen: Come to Me

Ileen: Come to Me
Title: Come to Me
Artist: Ileen
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 837101218214
Genre: Country

Ileen's new alt. Country folk-psych EP 'Come To Me' features production by Mark Howard (Emmylou Harris, Lucinda Williams, Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan etc.) and playing by the likes of Doug Pettibone, Scott Amendola, and Josh Schwartz. The illustrious alt. Country outfit The Idaho Falls chime in too, this time with string trio and cymbal crashes! Ileen recorded a CD in 2002 called 'Bride' - it's 2 EP's in one package of 10 songs. Sub-Pop alt. Country recording artists Beachwood Sparks back her up for 5 tracks, and local L.A. phenoms such as Mike Stinson, Josh Grange and Aaron Embry help out on the rest. If you take a shine to mercurial girls who like glistening, progressive pedal steel, this just may the music for you. Enjoy!

1.1 Come Again
1.2 Come to Me
1.3 Come Calling
1.4 Will You
1.5 One Year
1.6 Graveyard (Alight in Right)
1.7 Suited
1.8 Folk Song
1.9 First Snow
1.10 Mistake
1.11 Owned and Operated
1.12 Searsucker
1.13 Forward March

Ileen: Come to Me


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