Shubin, James: New Moves

James Shubin: New Moves
Title: New Moves
Artist: Shubin, James
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 634479867866
Genre: Rock

NEW MOVES is a CD featuring songs performed by various musicians in the Rock, Soft Rock, and Ballad style. 1. Tic-Tok, very pretty song to pass the time. 2. Fool's Puzzle, this features an electric rock guitar instrumental. 3. The Light is Shining in the Harbor, moving ballad. 4. Santiago Canyon, wildfire tribute song, acoustic version. 5. Into The Abyss, for those who are a long way from home. 6. Battle Hymm of the Republic, traditional spiritual. 7. Moody, ode to PMS. 8. Don't Put Me On Hold, country western style. 9. In God We Trust, a children's patriotic spiritual. 10. Head in the Clouds, about a scatterbrain girl. 11. Goin' Home, nice song to listen to on a road trip. Except for Battle Hymm of the Republic, these are all originals. Now with PLAYLIST RECORDS.

1.1 Tic-Tok
1.2 Fool's Puzzle
1.3 The Light Is Shining in the Harbor
1.4 Santiago Canyon
1.5 Into the Abyss
1.6 Battle Hymm of the Republic
1.7 Moody
1.8 Don't Put Me on Hold
1.9 In God We Trust
1.10 Head in the Clouds
1.11 Goin' Home

Shubin, James: New Moves


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