Taylor, James D. Jr.: Earth Song

James Taylor D. Jr.: Earth Song
Title: Earth Song
Artist: Taylor, James D. Jr.
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 634479730276
Genre: New Age

James Taylor is a classically trained musician regarded as a virtuoso by his contemporaries for his compositions for instruments like the hammered dulcimer and the pipe organ. James Taylor has used his talents in combining solo improvisational instrumental pieces with natural sounds recorded in various locations around the lower peninsular of the State of Michigan in the United States. Recently interviewed for the Detroit News and an appearance on a local radio talk show has helped James to showcase his latest CD Earth Song, Voices of Michigan. Nature's clock (the one that regulates our bodies) differs from the clock we must use to regulate our lives. Aboriginal cultures understand this but are often called primitive. We fight nature's clock to use our own clock resulting in stress. Add on the stresses that life generates and this compounds the problem and some, if not too many, turn to drugs and or alcohol for relief, only compounding the problem further. The Earth Song series of CD's has helped thousands find nature's clock bringing calmness and order to their hectic life. If only for a short period of escape, it often is just enough balance to help them on their path again. All instrumental compositions/accompaniments are improvisational and unique and inspired by each of nature's sounds used in this disc. Join the thousands who have escaped and reset their clock, are you ready?

1.1 Spirit Wind
1.2 Creek Song
1.3 Migration
1.4 Transition
1.5 Journey
1.6 Flight
1.7 Night Song

Taylor, James D. Jr.: Earth Song


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