Soles, Jamie: Giants & Wanderers

Jamie Soles: Giants & Wanderers
Title: Giants & Wanderers
Label: CD Baby

There are thousands of children who have grown up listening to the music of Jamie Soles. His albums of Bible Story songs have captured the imaginations of folks who wanted to teach their children the real stories rather than the fairy-tale ones. Children grow up, however, and so do artists. Giants & Wanderers is a Bible Story album, but it feels a lot more grown up than some of Jamie's earlier offerings. It demonstrates clearly that Bible Stories are not just for children, but are a part of the package of Scriptures that are profitable for equipping men and women for every good work. It is a sad thing when men leave behind the things they faced as children, regarding them as somehow beneath them now that they are adults. Men forget their history when they behave this way, and often find themselves up against troubles for which they are unarmed, because they failed to internalize the lessons from those 'children's stories' they used to know. This happened to Israel in the Exodus, as the first track, 'Giants', brings out. We need to learn from those old stories, how God revealed Himself in the past, and how therefore we can expect Him to do so in our own time. Giants & Wanderers is well worth your affections. It may help you to know God better, which is important for us all.

1.1 Giants
1.2 Just a Girl
1.3 Promise
1.4 Biding My Time
1.5 Isaac
1.6 Land of My Home
1.7 Bless Me
1.8 In the End
1.9 By Name
1.10 Jael
1.11 Rizpah
1.12 Why? Because!
1.13 Gone
1.14 Azariah
1.15 Sabbath Rules
1.16 It Is I
1.17 Bread of Life
1.18 The Pool

Soles, Jamie: Giants & Wanderers

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