Jazz Ethics: Primary Colors

Jazz Ethics: Primary Colors
Title: Primary Colors
Label: CD Baby

After several years, Jazz Ethics has released it's next CD -- Jazz Ethics Primary Colors. It is jam packed with 12 original tunes and features the talents of many special friends, musicians, & artists... The CD offers an eclectic blend of stylings that all flow together in a jazzy groove that is the quintessential sound of Jazz Ethics. Jazz Ethics, the hard working Columbus quartet, performs their unique arrangements of classic jazz standards, memorable originals, and eclectic favorites. Jazz Ethics is a guitar, piano, bass, & drums quartet that plays a blend of music from every era. The band features dynamic 3 part vocal harmonies, blending Blues, Rock, Latin, and Reggae into a toe-tappin' Jazzy Groove. Jazz Ethics has been blending these divers backgrounds and musical styles since 1985, and is equally at home in classy restaurants, corporation events, small clubs, out-door festivals, or large auditoriums. Over the years they have become almost chameleon-like, performing and writing hundreds of songs that fit into all genres of music. With such a vast musical background, Jazz Ethics pleases the most varied audience.. Larry Wolkan played violin and trombone in school and grew up listening to all kinds of music. His father was a big band sax player who introduced him to the classic jazz pieces of the 30's 40's and 50's. Larry switched to guitar in the late 60s and began listening to Les Paul, Chet Atkins, Wes Montgomery, Roy Buchanan, and Frank Zappa. He perfected his skills while in college, playing everything from bluegrass to jazz, and performed in countless bands over the years. ***** Craig Friedman played clarinet in school and was exposed to a variety of music growing up. It was listening to Phil Lesh of the Grateful Dead that got him interested in playing bass. In 1977 he made the switch to fretted electric bass. In 1986 he began playing fretless bass as well He loves all music, especially reggae. When it comes to playing this style of music, Craig is a natural. He has performed with musicians while in Jamaica. ***** Kevin Truman's father was a big band drummer for 30 years and began teaching him drums at the age of five. He played trap-set and percussion in school bands, performed and taught in a regional precision Drum and Drill team, and performed in a variety of ensembles and bands while attending the Ohio State University. He developed his 'drumming style' and solid rhythmic foundation while playing diverse and often complex music for a number of local acts. Kevin has the ability to draw on these experiences, thus, providing the necessary footing for the eclectic range of Jazz Ethics. ***** The pianist is Jason Greenwald, and is the featured vocalist in the band. His singing ability came from two areas: The Singing Buckeyes Barbershop Chorus (where he says he learned to sing properly) and from 1980's Rock Music (where his vocal edge was honed). Jason also has a wide interest in various musical styles, one of the reasons he was interested in joining the band.

1.1 What's the Scuttlebutt? - Jazz Ethics, Wolkan, L
1.2 The Caper - Jazz Ethics, Greenwald, J
1.3 Line Dance to This... Cowboy - Jazz Ethics, Wolkan, L
1.4 Minor Adjustment - Jazz Ethics, Greenwald, J
1.5 Diamond Bird - Jazz Ethics, Wolkan, L
1.6 Jack's Piano - Jazz Ethics, Greenwald, J
1.7 Tell Me Somethin' I Don't Know - Jazz Ethics, Wolkan, L
1.8 Afraid - Jazz Ethics, Greenwald, J
1.9 Spanish Sauce - Jazz Ethics, Wolkan, L
1.10 Indifference - Jazz Ethics, Wolkan, L
1.11 What's the Scuttlebutt (Reprise) - Jazz Ethics, Wolkan, L
1.12 When Hearts Fly Free - Jazz Ethics, Greenwald, J

Jazz Ethics: Primary Colors

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