Malone, Jd & Experts: Avalon

Jd Malone & the Experts: Avalon
Title: Avalon
Artist: Malone, Jd & Experts
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 899079002226
Genre: Rock

On the debut release "Avalon" by JD Malone & The Experts you'll find a CD of extraordinary countrified rock that brings to mind the snarl and grit of early Steve Earle, Wilco and Mellencamp. This release also features a DVD documentary of the band.

1.1 Silver from
1.2 Still Love You
1.3 Leave Us Alone
1.4 She Likes
1.5 Sweet Evil Things
1.6 Just Like New
1.7 Avalon
1.8 Ballad of Mr. Barbo
1.9 Black Yodel
1.10 Fortunate Son
1.11 Do What You Can Do
1.12 Emerald Lake
1.13 Emmit Meets a Demon
1.14 Just Like New [Radio Edit] [Edit]
1.15 Silver from [Live]
1.16 I Think It Was a Monday [Live]
1.17 She Likes [Live]
1.18 I Should Have Known It [Live]
2.1 Silver from
2.2 I Think It Was a Monday
2.3 She Likes
2.4 Just Like New
2.5 Black Yodel
2.6 Still Love You
2.7 I Should Have Known It

Malone, Jd & Experts: Avalon


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