Barbaro, Jim: Eco Logic/Burning Blue

Jim Barbaro: Eco Logic/Burning Blue
Title: Eco Logic/Burning Blue
Artist: Barbaro, Jim
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 634479018824
Genre: Rock

A special limited time offer. We are offering Jim Barbaro's first two albums 'Eco Logic' and 'Burning Blue' together in a specially priced double CD package... While supplies last, we have packaged Jim Barbaro's first two solo CDs together for the price of one CD. When supplies run out on this special promotion, we will re-release 'Eco Logic' and 'Burning Blue.' Hurry up and take advantage of this limited time offer. ECO LOGIC The debut offering of former Magnetics lead guitarist/vocalist explores such world issues as ecology, ethnical cleansing, family dysfunction, gambling addiction and more on this sophisticated rock CD... This impressive debut marks the first solo effort of the Magnetics' Jim Barbaro. Out of Jim's three solo CDs to date, this one rocks the hardest. Thematically, the material follows a 'logical' path: sociological, psychological, idealogical, and ecological. The set also includes three remastered Magnetics songs for the first time on CD, exemplifying the transition between the earlier Magnetics albums and Barbaro's follow-up efforts. BURNING BLUE Jim Barbaro's second album burns blue with romance and passion. Barbaro's sophomore effort is a perfect example of the GAG Order Records' RPM philosophy (Romance, Passion, Melody). With a dash of Chris Isaak, a splash of Sting, and a whole heap of Jim, this warm and evocative set burns blue and burns true.

1.1 Eco Logic- One Big Love
1.2 She Calls Me
1.3 Ghost Nation
1.4 The Dark Before the Dawn
1.5 Still Life at Home
1.6 Mr. Spaceman
1.7 Scary Things
1.8 City Life
1.9 Wizard of Odds
1.10 Burning Blue- Empty Eyes
1.11 Your Old Standby
1.12 I Carried a Torch for You
1.13 Rosa (If I Could Dance with You)
1.14 Janine
1.15 Over Here
1.16 The Heart of the World
1.17 Who Are You?
1.18 Bye Bye Moon
1.19 I'll See You in My Dreams
1.20 Empty Eyes (Instrumental)

Barbaro, Jim: Eco Logic/Burning Blue


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