Pitts, Joe: One More Day

Joe Pitts: One More Day
Title: One More Day
Label: CD Baby

Brand New CD from Joe Pitts, 10 all new original tracks, from the upbeat soulful 'Soul Satisfying', to the dark blues rock of 'Hellhounds on Rose Hill'. A serious contender in the blues rock genre, Joe tours the world playing this music, and receives rave reviews for his songwriting, firey guitar work, and his soulful vocals. This album puts Joe up along side all the other contenders for keeping the legends, and the new innovators alive in blues rock.

1.1 Lowdown, Mean and Dirty
1.2 Midnight Blue
1.3 Soul Satisfying
1.4 One More Day
1.5 Multicolored Memories
1.6 Boulevard of Dreams
1.7 Voodoo Trane
1.8 You Said You Loved Me
1.9 Lie to Ya' Mama
1.10 Hellhounds on Rose Hill

Pitts, Joe: One More Day

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