Dimond, Jonathan: Journeys: People Places

Jonathan Dimond: Journeys: People Places
Title: Journeys: People Places
Artist: Dimond, Jonathan
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 634479079801
Genre: Jazz

This recording documents some of my compositions from the time of my departure from Australia in 2002, through 2004. Within this 3 year period I was based in Los Angeles, USA, but also spent time in Tokyo, Japan, and Amsterdam, Holland where new compositions were inspired. The process of composition for me has always been about discovery and invention, most often also with specific people and/or places in mind. In this way, it is very similar to a journey - a kind of personal journey whereby problems arise and are overcome by solutions that are very often specific to that situation. The more experience a composer has in creating customized solutions, the more adept and able they are, in my opinion. The element of surprise in the journey is also intrinsic to composition for me. A dramatic change in environment brings new people and places your way, and forces you to reexamine many aspects of your voice and your existence. The process of recording allows a self-focused 'magnifying glass' to zone-in further on yourself, your musical partners, and your composition. Of course the subsequent benefit is that your journey has been documented - preserved for future self-reflection and also for the ultimate reward - sharing with audiences. The communication of ideas with audiences through a rich musical language is really the essence of my musical motivation. This album project aims to bring me closer to sharing music and my journey with others. Enjoy.

1.1 Farewell
1.2 16 Minute Smog
1.3 Blues Jog
1.4 De-Ja-Vu in Nishi-Ogikubo
1.5 The Intellectual
1.6 Greg By Fluoro
1.7 Urban White House
1.8 Gerard Doustraat 8B

Dimond, Jonathan: Journeys: People Places


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