Graber, Josh: Acoustic Sessions

Josh Graber: Acoustic Sessions
Title: Acoustic Sessions
Label: CD Baby

This is Josh Graber's first instrumental album. Titled Acoustic Sessions vol. 1, the album is an instrumental offering of 18 acoustic guitar songs, including 17 originals. 'This album stems from a passion and love for the acoustic guitar. It's a beautiful instrument with a beautiful sound that can speak for itself, without words or other instruments.' Josh says. Graber grew up in Newton, Kansas. It was there that he discovered his love of music when at five years of age he began studying classical piano. At age 18, while still studying piano, Josh picked up a guitar for the first time and began to teach himself. He refined his guitar skills while attending John Brown University in Siloam Spings, AR. Many of the songs on the album were composed there. One song, 'Dundrum Bay,' was written while visiting Northern Ireland. Graber recorded the album at the Contemporary Music Center on the island of Martha's Vineyard, MA. 'I spent the fall of 2001 studying music at the CMC and the beauty of the island inspired many of songs on the album.' Josh says. Graber recorded and produced the album himself. Currently residing in Fayetteville, AR, Graber is on staff at New Heights Church.

1.1 The Walking Song
1.2 Snowfall in Streetlamps
1.3 Color Alone
1.4 Front Porch Blues
1.5 Dundrum Bay
1.6 Firefly Light
1.7 Prelude to Martin Luther
1.8 Dusk at the Dogwood
1.9 Sandstone Creek
1.10 When the Shadow Grows
1.11 Brian's Song (Instrumental Version)
1.12 Lost in the Midnight Shift
1.13 Rope Swingin'
1.14 Close of Summer
1.15 Walking with You
1.16 Victory Over the Spider
1.17 Dusk at the Dogwood, Part 2
1.18 *

Graber, Josh: Acoustic Sessions

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