Feldman, Lee: Ive Forgotten Everything

Lee Feldman: Ive Forgotten Everything
Title: Ive Forgotten Everything
Label: CD Baby

From STEREOPHILE Magazine: 'Lee Feldman's I've Forgotten Everything is unlike anything else in contemporary pop. The songs are alternately sad, whimsical, harrowing, and very funny (although the album's best laugh may be the visual joke on the disc itself). A third of the tunes are waltzes, and all of the melodies are catchy and challenging in more or less equal measure. Above all, the writing voice behind it all is kind, humane, and clever without being too clever: There's nothing arch about Feldman's music. 'Every one of these songs is like a smile you can't read, yet that pulls you along in spite of yourself. Lee Feldman is one of the few musicians in contemporary pop whom I think of as an artist, and I've Forgotten Everything is far and away his best work so far. If you have a passion for good songwriting, you need this album.'

1.1 I've Forgotten Everything
1.2 My Sad Life
1.3 Me and My Sara Remaining
1.4 Morning Train
1.5 Lee Feldman
1.6 Mrs. Green
1.7 Of All the Things
1.8 Bowling Accident in Lane 3
1.9 Give Me My Money
1.10 Big Women on the Shelves
1.11 Waltz for a Sad Girl
1.12 Diagonal S's at the Motel 6
1.13 Little While
1.14 Hippy Store
1.15 Cave
1.16 Mr. Feldman
1.17 See You Again
1.18 [Untitled Track]

Feldman, Lee: Ive Forgotten Everything

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