Loren Connors: Curse of Midnight Mary

Loren Connors: Curse of Midnight Mary
Title: Curse of Midnight Mary
Label: Family Vine
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited edition hand-numbered vinyl LP pressing. In 1981, guitarist Loren Connors took his tape recorder to the graveyard where the legendary Midnight Mary's grave lies in New Haven, Connecticut. The curse is: Anyone who gets caught in her graveyard past midnight will die the next day. But Connors, like a young fool, taped in that place, making this album. Recorded between Connors'. eight volume Unaccompanied Acoustic Guitar Improvisations LP series and the Folk albums he would make with Kath Bloom, these nine pieces meld those distinct, haunting styles. Connors, singing in a trance like moan, reforms the Mississippi Delta blues on acoustic guitar with flashes of melodic hooks and a percussive guitar style that erupts into boogie-woogie riffs and other world spirituals. Family Vine.

1.1 Chant 1
1.2 Chant 2
1.3 Chant 3
1.4 Chant 4
1.5 Chant 5
1.6 Chant 6
1.7 Chant 7
1.8 Chant 8
1.9 Chant 9

Loren Connors: Curse of Midnight Mary

Product-type:VINYL LP

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